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12 Things A Strong, Alpha Woman Would Never Tolerate In A Relationship


An alpha lady is a woman who has the balls to fight for the things she loves. She radiates power. Her eyes glisten with happiness. There is a certain intense energy inside of her soul that could not be explained with just words.

She is a strong, fierce and confident person who is not afraid to speak up for herself or stand up for what she believes in. She knows exactly how to take care of herself because she has been doing that forever.

So, when it comes to love and relationships, she knows exactly what she looks for.

She needs someone who would not be intimidated by big goals and ambitions. She wants a person who would share her zest for life. Someone who would understand her needs, accept her and encourage her journey. Someone who would open her wings and let her fly.

If you want to date her, keep in mind that she would never tolerate there 12 things in a relationship:


An alpha lady has self-respect for herself. She knows exactly how much she is worth, and she never settles for anything less than she deserves. So, if you disrespect her in any way or dare to humiliate her, she won’t take it. This person will walk away the second she feels mistreated.


A strong woman will accept your apology and try to understand your mistakes. But, if you cross the fine line and continue making up excuses for situations that probably never even occurred, she will know.

She will sense it and she won’t let you get away with it. That is the thing about her. You may think that you could deceive her with your wicked lies, but she is always one step ahead of you.


Strong women are self-independent human beings. You could be with them, love them from the bottom of your heart, but you could never possess them. Because no strong women would ever tolerate a person who violates her privacy and destroys her identity. She needs her freedom to thrive.


Behaving irresponsibly and immature is just another thing that she would never accept in a partner. This woman has no time to lose on people who obviously do not care enough for her. She respects her time, but more importantly, she respects the agreements she makes with the people she loves.

If you don’t keep your promises, don’t expect a second chance from her.


These women appreciate honesty. They’re up-front and blunt, even if that makes some people uncomfortable. So, normally they expect the same thing from you.

A strong woman can easily sense a lie. If you are to lie to her in her face, you might as well kiss her goodbye, because she won’t tolerate such nonsense.


This should go without saying. Of course, she won’t tolerate an immature and inconsiderate man who cannot keep his hands to himself.

A strong, alpha woman wants love. She believes in the good, old-fashioned values like trust, loyalty, sincerity, and monogamy. If you cheat on her, you will lose her. There won’t be any second chance. Unfaithfulness is something she would never forgive, nor forget.


Believe me, she can handle her own life. She doesn’t need a man to show her the way. She wants an equal partner who would support her work and encourage her to move forward.


Do not try to trick her with your stupid, childish games. Do not try to manipulate a strong woman. She always knows what you’re up to. You’ve been warned.


You know what they say. The real mark of a good person can be seen in their attitude towards people who cannot do anything for them.

A strong woman believes in kindness. She treats everyone with the same respect. Because she cares. Therefore, she would never love a man who would dare to hurt or offend another human being.  


First and foremost, a strong woman would never fall for someone who has a secret, toxic agenda up their sleeve.

But, if she somehow finds herself around an abusive person, she would never ever stay silent about it. Because, when it comes to her own wellbeing, she knows how to defend herself. She is not afraid to speak up and confront those people.


She has high standards. So, when it comes to love, she would never accept anything ordinary, or simply comfortable. She would never settle down for just about anyone. A strong woman would rather stay single forever than waste her energy and time on people who are simply not worth it.

Stephanie Reeds