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12 Signs You Might Be An Extroverted Introvert Without Knowing It


Have you ever felt the need to isolate yourself for some time and sink deep inside the depths of your thoughts, however after the much-needed recharge you’re good and ready to go out and party the hell out of Saturday night?

Well, if you are familiar with these peculiar and contradictory traits, then you, my friend, might be what people call “an extroverted introvert”. I know it’s exhaustingly confusing to some of you out there, but that’s just the way we are.

We can “let our hair down” and get crazy on the dancefloor on a Friday night, but then Saturday and Sunday would definitely be reserved for some sacred alone-time without replying to any messages!

If you understand this paradox, then you should go on and check these interesting and peculiar characteristics every extroverted introvert possesses.

You actually might be one without being aware of it!

1. As stated before, we really suck at responding to your texts, because, well, sometimes we don’t want to talk. To anyone. It’s really not that you annoy us or that we hate people in general. On the contrary, when you notice that we’ve gone back to ‘hibernate’ mode, we just need some time alone. That’s all.

2. When we actually go out, we prefer to do it with our beloved clique, rather than with larger groups of people that we don’t even know. Quality over quantity, always!

3. However, just because we like to be around people, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should always talk, right? Talking takes a lot of effort and it should be reserved only when you have something meaningful to say.

4. Despite our much-needed and appreciated alone time, we actually need love. And sometimes, we tend to get lonely. It’s truly difficult to balance between needing alone time and feeling lonely. Complicated as hell, I know.

5. Sometimes you’ll need to bend over backward to convince us to go out, but when we accept, we usually end up having a pretty great time. There are sudden dilemmas in our minds between “I could be reading the new book” and “Another tequila, please!”, but eventually both sides are fulfilled.

6. We are not the people who are usually the life of the party, however, if anybody is ever in need of a social lifeboat, we’re more than happy to lend a helping hand. Taken from a personal experience, conversations with new people can often get uncomfortable and awkward, so if there’s a person who needs to be rescued, we’re there!

7. We live in our head way more often than you know. Even when we’re sometimes outgoing, bubbly and cheerful, we have a whole different process going on in our minds. Our thoughts are constantly up and running.

8. As a consequence of our outgoing, yet calculated nature, we usually end up becoming leaders. Having said that, we really don’t require some kind of praise or award for achievement, and we certainly don’t enjoy bragging about our characteristic.

9. Want to hear another paradox? We actually bounce between desperately wanting to be noticed by someone and panicking over the thought that they’re paying attention to us for more than 30 seconds!

10. We HATE small talk. Does the caps lock show a decent representation of our strong opinion on small talks? I mean, it’s inevitable to bump to someone you know and have a quick chit-chat about the current rain, but if there’s a chance to avoid that, consider that we’re on that train! There’s nothing more beautiful and stimulating than a raw, uncensored talk with a person whom we love and respect.

11. People sometimes mistake us for being flirtatious, when all we do is just being nice. Socializing is an essential part of our life, so we sometimes make an effort to do it intentionally and let people know that they have our undivided attention.

12. And if we like you, we’re going to be sincere and open about it. The same rules apply to a situation where we find a person not worthy of our energy and time. It’s a real struggle to find people who’d understand us, so if we’ve hung out multiple time, it means that your presence is really soothing us.   

Stephanie Reeds


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