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12 Little Things You Can Do That Will Mean A Lot To Her


Women aren’t as complicated as they seem. Even though they might appear hard to decipher, it’s quite easy to make them happy once you know what they really want. They don’t need grand gestures to make them feel loved. In the end, it’s the small things that you do that will make her glad to have you.

If you want to keep the special woman in your life happy, these are 12 little things you can do that will mean a lot to her.

1. Listen to Her

It a well-known stereotype that women talk more than men. Regardless of whether this is true or not, when they speak, they want someone to listen. Let her talk to you and don’t just pretend to listen, really hear what she has to say.

2. Don’t Criticize Her Choices

Maybe she likes to eat avocado but you think that it’s disgusting. You don’t need to tell her whenever you don’t approve of the small choices that she makes. Just let her be.

3. Tell Her What You’re Thinking

I know that when she asks you “what are you thinking” you’re probably thinking about an episode of a show you watched ten years ago. If you tell her what you’re thinking about or how you’re feeling sometimes, she won’t need to ask you. She’ll feel closer to you because of it as well.

4. Remember the Small Details

Women hate when you forget the things that they’ve told you. Remember her first pet’s name, her favorite type of flowers, or any other small details that she’s shared with you. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it.

5. Give Her a Massage

Life can be stressful, so show her that you care. Give her a massage or a shoulder rub to help her feel a little bit more relaxed.

If you know she enjoys massages, you can also get her a nice foot massager.
6. Take an Interest in Her Day

Don’t wait for her to tell you, ask her about how her day went. Take an interest in the events that are going on in her life. Whether something exciting happened or she’s just having a rough day, she’ll be glad that you want to know.

7. Let Her Pick the Movie

No, she doesn’t need to pick the movie every time, but let her choose every once in a while. Give in and let her watch whatever she wants sometimes, even if you think that it’s boring. Next time, you’ll get to choose.

8. Give Her Space when She Needs it

Sometimes women just need some time alone. The world can seem overwhelming and they can want a break from everyone. When she needs some space, don’t be offended. Give her as much alone time as she needs to feel better.

9. Compliment Her

Did she get her hair done or a buy new outfit? Let her know that it looks nice. Even if nothing has changed, tell her that she’s beautiful anyway. Women always appreciate a nice compliment.

10. Don’t Spend All Day on Your Phone

Social media can wait. When you’re with your girl, just be with her. Spend time with her without having a phone screen divide you. If you don’t, she’ll end up feeling ignored and unwanted.

11. Take Her on a Date

You two could see a movie, go for a walk, or you can make her a nice dinner at home. Take the time to bring her on a romantic date that you’ll both enjoy and spend some quality time together.

12. Tell Her How Much She Means to You

You may just assume that she already knows but tell her often how much you love her. If you show her that she’s special to you, she’ll never have any doubt if you truly care about her or not.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that keeping a woman happy is a difficult task. Remember that the small things that you do for her will make a huge difference. Treat her right and she’ll appreciate you so much more because of it.

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Eva Jackson