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12 Crazy Things Your Best Friend Does That Prove They Are Your True Soulmate


1. They are brutally honest with you and they tell you everything in your face. They call you out on your bullshit and they “set you straight” every time you cross the line or do something stupid.

2. They call you “bitch” out of love.

3. They help you decipher all the “evidence” you found on social media about whether the person you are interested in is dating others or missing you. And not to mention the never-ending conversation about your ex that somehow always feels like a fresh one.

4. They share the most intimate details from their life with you and you do the same thing as well.

5. You both know each other’s passwords. That’s the level of trust we all strive for.

6. You have an unspoken code between you. You only need a glance to know what the other one is thinking without even saying a word. That is because your souls are so aligned that you have become like one person.

7. You hate the same people.

8. They share things with you that is not recommended to be shared, like razor blades, makeup brushes, or drinks when you are sick.

9. You start most of your conversations with “You will kill me for this, but…” and then you two share all the juicy details from the thing you did that you promised you won’t.

10. They are comfortable being nude around you. And it goes both ways.

11. They make you feel understood and loved when you leave them a hundred psychotic messages and they never ever complain about it.

12. You can be needy and jealous as hell towards them and they won’t say a word. They actually like it having you all for themselves.

Mary Wright