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10 Tips to Succeed in Middle School


Most middle school students don’t think of themselves as brilliant students. There’s so much to learn and so much in the way of it – exams to read for, tests you need to sit and people to compete with.

At times, it may seem like some people are born smart, but that’s not the case. To begin with, the success definition is different in everyone’s books. For some people, it’s getting an A, while for others, it’s knowing true to your heart you did your best.

More importantly, getting A’s (or succeeding in your terms) takes effort and adopting the right set of habits. So, if you don’t feel smart, being here is an amazing first step. Following through with the following tips will make it even better. (1)

Don’t wait for motivation to study

This is something you should remember even once you’re done with school. Don’t sit around and wait to feel motivated before you study. Instead, create a system for yourself, preferably a timetable, that you will follow no matter what happens.

Write everything down

Just because you have a friend that can absorb information without writing it down doesn’t mean you have to try the same. People have different ways of learning, and for most, the most effective is when information is written down.

Revise on the same day

Once you’ve learned a new concept, start revising it on the same day. Learning it in class only places it in your short-term memory, and that’s usually gone within a week. Reinforcing the concept as soon as possible forces it into long-term memory instead.

Get enough sleep

In middle school, it may seem cool to sleep at late hours like 2 AM or so, but really, that’s very damaging for your mental and physical health. It hampers growth and makes your brain more groggy, making it difficult to pay attention or remember specific details. Always sleep early and wake up early.

Get rid of distractions early

One of the biggest lies you can tell yourself is relying on willpower alone to overcome distractions. The best way to get rid of them is to fight them off before they are a problem. Lock your phone somewhere it will take considerable effort to retrieve. Put it on silent mode or give it to your mum and tell her to give it back after two hours, not sooner.

Manage your study space

It’s not enough to just study. Find a place that’s quiet and comfortable, but not too comfortable. It should be free from distractions like the TV, the internet, or other things that may stop you from studying. The library is always a good bet, or take night school classes if available.

Find the right tools

When writing essays or taking care of assignments, it’s important to know the right tools to rely on. For instance, during a busy week, i need dissertation help but I take care of maths and construction assignments. The same service also helps with thesis and college essays making the work easier for me.

Study with friends

Most people absorb information better when they study with friends or in a group rather than studying alone. Form study groups and look out for students that understand certain concepts better than you do. Ask them for help, rather than having them do all the work for you.

Study in short periods

Don’t stick to your books 24/7, no matter what your favorite success quotes say. It’s much more effective to study in a 1-2hr burst with 30-minute breaks in-between.

Have fun

It’s important to have a hobby outside school. Exercise, play sports, find interesting speech topic ideas. You can also hang out with friends, or anything to keep you healthy and creative. Make it part of your weekly routine.


Middle school might seem like a time when everything is complicated and studying takes the life out of you, but taking the right steps and developing the right habits will go a long way in helping you succeed.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is a student counselor and a freelance academic writer working with college and university-level students to help them achieve their career goals successfully. His guidance has helped many students achieve great results both in and out of the university. In her free time, she likes to write poetry, explore local destinations and go out fishing.

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