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TOP 9 Best College Paper Writing Services for Students

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Writing is fun, but it isn’t always a nice way to spend your day or night time. There’s so much to do with your free hours, so you don’t have to work on the paper. Being a student always includes different activities you should try. It wouldn’t be a real college experience if you spend all your free time working on the essays.

But what should you do if there are always so many tasks to be done? You must try and order help from the best college paper writing service to feel free from the constant workload. How will it help you? There are a couple of reasons you should try and work with the online platform for essay writing.

First of all, it will help you get rid of excessive tasks and enjoy your time. The second reason is the quality of the papers. You will love the real expertise your paper will be done with. It’s the best gift you can make for your college life experience. Would you like to place the order? Make sure to check the list of services and find the best platform for your home task. Let’s learn how you can hire someone to write a college paper for you, is it legal, and how you can use some tips to hire a writing service in a safe manner.

Is it Legal To Hire Someone To Write A College Paper For You?

Yes, you can hire someone to write your college paper, and it is completely reliable and legal. In fact, high school and college students seek professional help quite often nowadays, although it is a form of plagiarism and cheating, and colleges and universities have very strict rules against using these types of services. 

However, students who hire someone else to write college papers for money usually do not have time to deal with these types of assignments as they have to attend classes or participate in some other extracurricular activities and are under constant pressure. In addition, there are some international students who also have difficulties writing in English because it is not their native language, and they usually hire someone who is a native English speaker.

Even though the problem with ethics has existed for a long time, the number of sites with writing services continues to rise. Today, it is believed that almost every text has a ghostwriter behind it, and some reputable writing services hire writers with academic degrees who are professors themselves, so from this point of view, it doesn’t violate the ethics standards.  

It is worth mentioning that all these writing services are legitimate and authentic and have a very strict plagiarism policy, so before hiring a writing service, always make sure to check their plagiarism policy and whether they have a free editing service and money-back guarantee.  

Every Student Should Be Capable Of Writing College Paper Independently

The main issue with paper writing is that every student should be capable of writing a college paper independently. All students should know how to search for information, analyze it, learn how to write a college paper outline, and form their point of view on a certain topic.

When they hire writing services, they do not develop their writing skills and cannot reason on the given topic.

That is why, when you order or hire someone else to write a college paper for you, you should study it and go through it yourself because your teacher might ask you some questions about the task, and you should get yourself familiar with the essay’s content.

In addition, you can thoroughly check the content to see whether it is correct and related to the given topic. This will also help you to know more about the topic itself and improve your abilities and writing skills.

Can You Get Caught If You Submit A College Paper Written By A Professional Writing Service?

In fact, most universities have honor codes and claim that it is ethically wrong to submit college papers written by someone else, and this can have severe consequences on your academic career, and you can get expelled if you are caught. 

Sometimes educators use online tools to check plagiarism and can easily detect if you have stolen text from other sources. These tools can even show links that lead to these sources and think that their students are lazy and dumb and have to purchase their papers online. 

Nevertheless, it rarely happens for a professor to catch the essay that is written by a third party because most writing services guarantee that the written essays are original. Still, there is a risk because it may trigger suspicion in your professor because they know your writing style, especially if you submitted essays before and they look different in style and writing from your current one. 

Also, it is very rare for some prominent Universities to expel students, and out of 9229 caught students, only 143 were expelled in 2018 in the United Kingdom. (1

Anyway, if you get caught, you can resolve the situation by: 

1. Speaking to your professor 

When you are accused of essay plagiarism, try to stay calm, don’t panic, and understand why your professor thinks that your paper is completed by a third party. In some cases, professors are ready to give minor punishments or let you redo the assignment. 

2. Informing yourself about the University’s policy 

Some institutions may have very severe punishments for essay plagiarism, such as expulsion or suspension, so it is very important for you to know the University’s policy before you decide to hire a professional writing service to write college papers for you. However, the most common punishment is just a reduction or getting a zero mark for the assignment.

3. Apologizing to your professor

The best way to deal with this situation is probably to apologize to your professor. Just be straight and honest with your professor and explain why you hired a professional writing service to write your essay. This can be a rather difficult task, and it means that you will probably fail the course, but it is a situation that you learn a lot from. 

4 Tips To Hire Essay Writing Service In A Safe Manner 

1. Keep your online activities secret and maintain your anonymity 

Whenever activities you do online, it will leave a digital footprint, so make sure that your communication with the writing services is not tracked, so you can use VPN that masks your IP address or hide your location. It is sometimes useful not to give any personal information to the writing agency and hide information about your course and University and even yourself by creating a fictive email account. In addition, you can even paste the essay instructions into a completely new blank document and give them to the writer. 

2. Keep track of your essay and check the received one for plagiarism 

Be in constant communication with the writer of your essay and ask some questions about the paper outline and the written parts to be sure that it will be handed over on time. You can always return it back if you are not satisfied with the result. When you receive the final essay, run it through the plagiarism checker. 

3. Change the authorship of the document 

Maybe you can sometimes change the writing a little bit to suit your style and tone as an extra precaution. You should also paste the whole writing in a new document and change the authorship to look like yours. 

4. Always hire a reliable and reputable writing agency 

All legit writing services don’t disclose your personal information and have professional writers that write professional essays. 

9 Best Legit Essay Writing Service On The Market

When you decide to hire a writing service, you should choose a legit and reliable writing service, as they always deliver essays that are plagiarism-free and have fast delivery. 

These writing services have qualified writers that are English native speakers and a support team that is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. 

You can also ask for revisions and editing of the work at any time and be sure that they do not disclose any of your personal information.  

What should you know about the best college paper writing service? There are lots of them, and you must be careful when you work on the tasks. It’s a responsible task to find an effective and reliable paper writing service. Here we have a list of the best paper writing services you can try online. Let’s check the list and see what are the best options on the market.

 1.EssayAssistant – Best college essay writing service 

Let’s start with the winning online platform. If you want to receive the most qualified help from real experts in the academic writing field, you should try EssayAssistant. It’s the best paper writing service for busy students. How does it help with the tasks? There are a couple of outstanding features the platform has.

  • First and foremost, let’s talk about the professionalism of the writers. The platform follows a rigid hiring process. Every writer you can meet on the platform is a highly expert that can handle complicated tasks from the students. Each writer always takes different courses and training sessions to fit the criteria on the market.
  • Another great thing about the company is the set of guarantees. You won’t be left alone with your problems. There are safety, money-back, and customer satisfaction guarantees. You can get help from the service and enjoy the support they give to you.
  • Let’s now remember about the support team. It works perfectly to answer the questions from the students. Have you got any issues with the paper? Do you need help with the payment methods? There’s always a manager to help you online.
  • The number of tasks and services it offers is impressive. If you need help with the essay, you will get it shortly. Writers deal with any type of deadline. Do you have a 3-hour time? You will find someone to do the task for you.

If you are looking for a high-quality and expert online paper writing platform, it’s high time to check out the EssayAssistant and order a paper. No one could cope with the writing assignment better than you can.

2. EssaysWriting – Best for research papers

This is a great service for those students who are stuck with their research papers. There are certain platforms that work with essays and simple literature reviews. But you might also need help with the research paper. It is a more complicated process.

  • You have to work on the analysis. There are so many facts to find, collect and analyze.
  • You should also work on the examples and structure the paper. It takes a lot of time. And it’s usually the most challenging task for the learners.
  • And now it’s time to write. Students aren’t very enthusiastic about writing a research paper.

At this point, there must be someone who can manage the paper on behalf of the learner. And EssaysWriting is your answer here. This is the best paper writing service for research paper tasks. If you struggle with the text, need help with the editing part, or want someone to do the whole work for you, make sure to place your order on the site.

3. WriteMyPapers – Best for academic papers

Are you struggling with another academic paper on your schedule? You don’t have to because there’s a professional online platform to do the work for you. Why should you order a paper from the service? The answer is simple. The expert team of writers will do the work for you, and you will get the writing in your mailbox shortly after the order. Doesn’t it sound like a nice deal?

Let’s see what you could get from the service. Firstly, it’s all about the expertise of the writers. You will receive high-quality papers you don’t need to revise or check. The experts will do the whole work for you. All that’s left for you is the payment thing and the instructions. It won’t take much time. The communication with the writers is usually handled by the managers. So, it will be a really convenient ordering procedure.

There are also different pricing plans. You don’t need to spend a lot on paper. You can check what’s offered on the website and adjust your order to the necessary price. You can change the choice of writers, the deadlines, or some other details that affect the cost of the papers. And it might help you figure out the best order for your academic tasks.

4. PaperWriter – Best custom paper writing service 

Are you looking for an easy-to-use paper writing service? It’s at your disposal. You should not deal with the assignments on your own. There’s the best research paper writing service on the Internet. This is a convenient and fast working platform with responsive managers and creative writers. Do you need help from the PaperWriter? Yes, you should order the paper for the following reasons.

  • The first thing is the qualification of the experts. If you want your tasks to be done perfectly, you should rely on a professional team of writers. And this is what you are going to find here.
  • There are also so many services you can order from the site. First of all, this is a writing option. But you could also ask for editing services and proofreading.
  • The prices are quite moderate so that you can afford to place the order and get help.

Are you worried about your assignment? You shouldn’t be in doubt. There’s an expert waiting for your text. You can finally rely on a proficient team with a background in academic writing.

5. PaperHelpWriting – Best trusted essay help

It’s complicated to find a reliable online service that won’t give you up on the task. Even if the order is cheap, no student wants to waste either money or time on academic tasks. This is why you should look for a reliable and trusted online service for paper writing.

PaperHelpWriting is a perfect option for learners because of its high guarantees. You will receive a safety guarantee, meaning you should be safe about your personal data and your money. The payment methods are highly secure so that no other user can get access to your wallet.

The website also offers money-back guarantees. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, you should contact the service and ask for amendments or a refund. After the discussion with the website, you must receive your money back, if there was a reason.

6. WriteMyEssay – Best legit writing services popular among students 

This writing service is very popular because it offers high-quality service at reasonable prices, and they are always ready to deal with last-minute orders and can deliver top-notch quality essays in a few hours’ time. 

You pay after the delivery, and there is a possibility of a money refund, so they do not require payment in advance. 

Their blog is very informative and offers a wide range of services, and the writers are very professional and provide original content. 

7. EvoluationWriters – Best legit service that offers constant cooperation with the writer

This agency is very popular among students because it offers constant adjustment and revision of the essays because students can contact authors at any time and cooperate with them. That is why it offers a great customer experience and most of the customers are satisfied with the work done. You can also freely check the author’s profiles to see their qualifications and the number of orders they have completed and leave a review of what really attracts the students.

Their blog is user–friendly and offers a wide range of free samples, and this can improve user satisfaction even more. The agency provides high–quality essays at reasonable prices.

8. BBQPapers – The best legit agency with a loyalty program 

If you have a difficult task to accomplish and you want to earn a high grade, you can check BBQPapers as they always deliver high-quality essays on time on every topic you might have. The customer service is very helpful, and they offer a full editorial review. The privacy of their customers is their top priority, and the data is never accessible to any outside party. You can also ask for a revision of your document in case you are not satisfied with it. What makes them different is also their loyalty program that gives a 5-15% discount if you are a regular customer.

They are plagiarism-free, provide high-quality service, but charge $17.56 per page, which makes them more expensive than some other writing services, but they offer: 

  • 8 years of experience
  • Free plagiarism report
  • High-quality and premium essays that go through many revisions and edits
  • Anonymous help
  • You are the sole owner of the document because they delete the document once delivered

9. ExpertWriting – The most favorite among Reddit users

This writing agency is very popular because they always deliver on time, and that is one of the most important aspects of academic writing. If you do not deliver your paper on time, it is not worth it at all. However, rushed paperwork is always more expensive than papers written in the long term, so if you do not have any urgent deadline and your deadline is not approaching, you can save some money because the price will be lower. 

They work with professional writers and offer constant proofreading assistance with 24/7 support. You can check some free samples on their website before you place an order. There is a possibility of receiving the document within 3 hours.

They are very popular on Reddit and have many positive reviews, but the bad side is they usually pay the plagiarism report. The prices can also vary depending on the subject and deadline, which is not stated on their website, but they usually charge 12$ per page.

College Paper Writing Service Reviews Based On Experience 

The popularity of written academic tasks is real because tons of students feel the need to order a paper. It’s a beneficial service, but it must be done carefully. Every user has to be very attentive when choosing a service. Is it worth ordering a paper online? Here are some of the reviews from the users who tried:

  • It was the best experience. I saved a lot of time on the task. The writer helped me with the paper fast.
  • I liked the work with the online service. We communicated with the writer, discussed the details, and dealt with the deadlines. It was a great experience, and I would try it one more time.
  • Ordering papers online is a great thing. You don’t need to worry about the tasks. There’s a writer to do everything for you.

It’s always great to ask someone for help when you’re not interested in the task at the moment. Make sure to choose a reliable service and draw benefits from the work.

It can be sometimes risky to decide to hire a writing service because you can get caught, but you can always use the written paper as a guide and a sample for your current and future writing projects.

Felicia Wilson