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10 Reasons to Indulge & Have Fun as a Busy Student

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Can’t remember the last time you enjoyed yourself with friends? Do you believe rest is some kind of reward? Well, many students have such thoughts. However, in reality, relaxation is a basic human need, just like food, love, or physical activity. But learners don’t let themselves unwind. Why? They are in a constant hurry, remembering plenty of information and keeping up with everything. But how long can our body work without a reboot?

The Oxford Department of Experimental Psychology conducted a survey on what people most often sacrifice in everyday life. And these are rest, communication, and taking care of one’s health. This is how we give up the essential things in life. Namely, maintaining healthy relationships and enthusiasm for what’s around.

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You Avoid Burnout

Endless tests and exams, homework, group projects… As well as extracurricular activities and household chores. All this makes us so exhausted! We sit over textbooks until late and then suffer from migraine and anxiety. 

Surely, the lack of reboot leads to burnout. This doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually, your tasks seem to be less and less engaging, and life turns into a terrible routine. Thus, you don’t want to leave home, it’s getting harder to wake up, and phone notifications make you panic.

Is there a way to stop this process? Definitely! Our brain needs new experiences. So, a picnic in the park, a sincere conversation with friends, and a great laugh will help the body switch to another mode.

You Get The Necessary Energy

You probably heard about young people in Japan who died because of overworking. Suffering tremendous stress due to a 15-hour workday leads to enormous harm to the body. This is an example of how ignoring the body’s needs can turn into a catastrophe.

So, let’s study the key signs of fatigue:

  • You don’t feel better after a short break;
  • You find it difficult to concentrate;
  • You have decreased interest in learning and other activities;
  • You are annoyed all the time;
  • You want to sleep constantly.

If the symptoms match your condition, take a day off as soon as possible. Get enough sleep, go to the swimming pool or a yoga class, drink tea, and attend a movie theater. Your inner child definitely needs it.

You Improve The Quality Of Sleep

Tiredness and stress result in the fact that you continue to think even at night. The flow of thoughts is simply unstoppable, and thus, you stay up till 4 AM. Sounds sad, especially if you have to be in a class at 8 AM already. Of course, sleeping 4-5 hours a day is catastrophically insufficient. Not only will you have a nervous tic, but you will also lose touch with reality at some point.

Meanwhile, if you manage to reduce your stress levels by having a good time, you will fall asleep much faster. And enjoy a deep, peaceful rest until morning.

You Broaden Horizons

If all your days are filled with learning only, sooner or later, you will have nothing to talk about with others except classes. Everyone’s discussing a bestselling book or an amazing Netflix series, and you have no idea what it’s about?

Your groupmates organize parties, and you never manage to go to one? Well, finish your tasks in advance, stick with someone you trust, and have fun. Let’s agree, you don’t want to fall behind the news and miss great opportunities to have fun!

Your Make Relationships With Loved Ones Much Deeper

If you are busy 24/7, you have zero time to be with your friends. Of course, we study a lot for the sake of future prospects. But you can still try to find a balance between responsibilities and free time. Otherwise, there will be no memories of joint leisure, journeys to remote countries, and activities with like-minded people. Life is a movie, and you are the one to write a fascinating script for it!

You Guarantee Yourself a Fantastic Mood

When we laugh with friends, facial muscles send specific impulses that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and brain activity. That’s why it’s recommended to put on a smile even when you are sad. That’s a way to cheat the system and feel better at once.

In addition, just one minute of sincere laughter replaces 45 minutes of deep relaxation. It reduces the release of stress hormones, and the production of endorphins increases. Surely, one can easily party without failing school – just follow some basic rules. In fact, you are charged with energy from happy people around, your favorite music, and carefree dancing.

You Enhance Your Immune System

Modern scientists state that rest and joy mobilize our immune system to fight illnesses. Joy increases the amount of immunoglobulin A in the body, which protects the mucous membranes from viruses and bacteria.

You Resolve Conflicts

According to psychologists, laughter is an excellent group psychotherapy. When we are united, every group member quickly gets involved in a discussion, and this relieves negative emotions such as fear or tension. Even watching a friend who’s laughing improves our mood.

In addition, positive people with a sense of humor seem much more attractive. This will come in handy everywhere – whether you are reaching out to your teachers, partners in a school project, or employers.

having fun

You Concentrate Better

Genuine joy boosts creativity and problem-solving skills by activating the limbic system of the brain, connecting the left and right hemispheres. The better you relax, the better ideas you will generate, and the faster you will find answers to vital issues.

You Prolong Your Life

Researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University found that personality traits such as optimism and peacefulness are part of the “longevity gene.”

Most of the people who took part in the study turned out to be optimists who expressed their emotions openly. In addition, they were part of a huge social circle and, accordingly, had a lot of effective socialization.

To Wrap It Up

In fact, it’s better to start having fun before you feel extremely tired. After all, you also need the energy to have proper rest. You certainly don’t want to be a zombie hiding from everyone around in a dark room. Instead, focus on walks, sports, and creativity.

Try to combine different types of recreation. It can be physical (massage, spa, yoga, stretching), emotional (honest conversation with someone who understands you), sensory (delicious food with an incredible smell), and creative (master classes, workshops, etc.).

Together with your friends, analyze what kind of vacation you miss the most and organize something unforgettable together!

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