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10 Reasons To Forgive The People Who Have Hurt You The Most

Reasons To Forgive The People Who Have Hurt You The Most

Holding a grudge is like taking a sip of poisoned water and expecting the person next to you to die. It is pointless. And what’s even worse, it is tragical.

I know, I know… Most of you are probably disagreeing with the statement above simply because you are going through the same and you have a very strong reason to do so. I feel you, don’t worry. I’ve been there and I’ve experienced the same…

I’ve been hurt by people that I never even thought could hurt me. I’ve been disappointed by people who I thought loved me. I’ve been broken one too many times. Life hasn’t always been good for me.

But if there was one thing I learned, that was the fact that holding grudges against all of these individuals only filled me with bitterness and self-hate. I spent years of going through those painful memories, and each and every time I reminded myself of how cruel they treated me, I hated them even more. Until one day, a close friend of mine opened my eyes and helped me see clearly.

I was wasting my energy and my time on holding grudges against people who were long gone from my life. I was spending my life despising people who have hurt me when the only thing that I needed to do was forgive them and move on.

Not for their sake, but for mine.

That was the moment when I learned that even though forgiveness may be easier said than done, it is also the root of freedom. And freedom cannot be given, it can only be taken away.

Here are 10 reasons why you should think about forgiving the people who have hurt:

1. Holding on to anger or sorrow is painful. Not only that it fills you with toxicity, but it also makes your life less fulfilling and more stressful.

2. We are all just human beings who are sometimes wrong and make mistakes. 

3. Staying angry and frustrated will only keep you glued to the past which in the long run can be truly detrimental. Forgiving helps you find the closure that you need to keep moving on.

4. Most importantly, if you did something to another person, chances are, you would also like to be forgiven for your wrongdoings. So, why wouldn’t you forgive and get that burden off your chest?

5. When you forget to focus on the good in life and instead focus on rethinking about what you hated/disliked in someone; the law of attraction is likely to make you more attractive to someone who has similar qualities.

Reasons To Forgive The People Who Have Hurt You The Most

6. On the other hand, when we forgive someone and finally make peace with our mind, the same law of attraction helps us attract other beautiful things in life. Growth starts with accepting and letting go.

7. And let’s think about it this way… When you are stuck in this loop of negativity and grudges, you cannot move on to the good things in life. Your focus on the bad parts of your life keeps you in the past.

8. It is better to be remembered as someone who had the strength to forgive and forget the ugly side of life while learning their lessons instead of someone who held grudges to their grave and wasted their life on hating.

9. Every person has something good in them.

10. At the end of the day, you are the only person responsible for your life quality. No one else. If you don’t give your best efforts to eliminate the toxicity from your life and focus on the positive, it is your own fault. How people behave is their own choice. But how you respond to them is solely yours.

Stephanie Reeds