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Zodiac Signs: Listed Worst to Best for Companionship

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Few people are aware that Zodiac signs can predict the viability of a relationship. Though using star signs can make you somewhat picky when seeking a partner, it can be helpful. Indeed, there are zodiac signs known for being unbearable. At their worst behaviors, people possessing some of these signs make for horrible life partners.

On the other hand, there are pleasant stars worthy of a lifelong engagement. While dating and long-term relationships are vastly different, it is important to learn these signs before jumping head first. Knowing which zodiac signs to avoid and which to embrace could mean peace of mind or tension moving forward.

Mixing Zodiac Signs

Some stars are incompatible with each other. It means both partners might be Gemini and they are volatile together. On the other hand, a Pisces and Gemini might fit perfectly. When you register on dating apps or agencies seeking to find brides online, Zodiac signs may help sift the riff-raff. Here are some stars that need investigating before one decides to engage.

1. Gemini

Ranked from worst to best, Gemini could be the worst to be involved with. This group of people is known to be volatile. At times they exhibit hot tempers, and excitement, while at other times remain overly cold. It is challenging to understand what mood they will exude and when. Particularly stressful is the exercise of finding the right spot for a date for instance, or knowing if your partner will love flowers today, never, or only on valentines. Perhaps the worst trait of Gemini folks is that they may pick fights simply for entertainment.

2. Cancer

This star is known for extreme assertiveness or in this case, stubbornness. Cancers don’t bow down during arguments. They can take things too personally and even possess a do-or-die mentality to win an argument. Cancer Zodiac signs are also overly protective or clingy. They tend to be desperate at times, which is not good for long-term commitment. Cancers are closer to Virgos than we might think.

3. Scorpios

Most folks love Scorpios for their sexual appetites. Nonetheless, sex and passion aren’t the foundation of a long-term relationship. This is where Scorpios come up short. Many are excessively jealous and always doubting their partners. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a long-term relationship with no trust. However, if you seek sex only, a Scorpio is a perfect match.

4. Aquarius

Aquarians are good for the soul and peace of mind as they are monogamous. These stars don’t play around and thus trust and loyalty are held high. With Aquarians, being physical and showing affection comes with the package. Thus, anyone who shies away from intimacy and physical touch should avoid Aquarians.

5. Leo

Leos are awesome partners because they are compassionate, empathetic, and full of energy. Leos love to be loved too, meaning they don’t mind attention. Additionally, they can be somewhat of drama queens, or kings, but that’s all in respect to love and loyalty. If you are one for full-on love twenty-four-seven, including the physical and emotional bits, this one is for you.

6. Capricorn

As long as you seek long-term commitment, this is the go-to Zodiac. For starters, Capricorns take longer to become committed. Their emotions, feelings, and such aren’t easily seen. On that note, when they finally fall in love and decide you are fit, they love hard. Furthermore, it means they are in it for the long haul.

Bottom Line

These stars are the few worth noting. It is because they fall on both extremes of the dating spectrum. As you seek a new partner or perhaps found one already, this information may help you run for the hills, or maintain. Not all bad signs listed here should be completely avoided though. These people could be the excitement or challenge you are looking for. 

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