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Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Childcare Job

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Childcare Job

Childcare jobs in Sydney perpetually appear among in-demand services. It is a fulfilling career with chances of growth. There are numerous part-time and full-time opportunities. However, finding the perfect childcare job requires some insights. It is essential to know the desired qualifications for eligible candidates. Such candidates should also know where and how to hunt for jobs.

How to Find Suitable Childcare Jobs in Sydney

Many employers prefer experienced childcare staff. Working in childcare jobs takes much more than loving working with kids. Consider the following tips that make it easy to find a childcare job:

Identify the Reasons for the Job

Success, fulfilment, and growth in the childcare sector depend on a person’s focus. The focus arises from establishing whether the involvement in the field is a long-term or temporary engagement. Some seek employment as a stepping stone to their dream careers, even as temporary positions while they study. Others feel it is a stable and relatively well-paying profession. Childcare is their dream career.

Such wisdom guides knowing how much resources and effort to invest in training. It also helps a candidate to see the type of job opportunities to pursue, whether permanent or casual. Then, the worker knows whether to undertake basic training or to invest in advanced education for senior and permanent positions.

Have relevant Qualifications

Australian regulations require formal training and accreditation from entry-level to senior roles for childcare workers. A Diploma or higher or Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care opens the door to opportunity. The training comprises stackable qualifications with the possibility of in-service training for some.

Still, there are entry-level opportunities for those without childcare qualifications. Nevertheless, the employees still must have some form of formal qualifications. Lack of relevant training restricts accessibility to opportunities and limits career growth. It alludes to inadequate skills and ethics in working with children.

Some job locations have other mandatory qualifications and checks. These are legal requirements, including a first aid certificate and a check allowing a person to work with children. Establish the minimum requirements to work as a childcare staff per state and nationally.

Childcare work also requires some soft skills and attitudes. Such include communication skills, patience, willingness to learn, flexibility, and commitment. The suitable candidate is a team player, responsible, and a role model.

Leverage Job-hunting Skills

Childcare jobs usually offer two options:

  • Daycare service outside school hours

Such arise in homes as in-home care, family daycare, and long-day care in centres. Some may not require training.

  • Educator roles in early childhood centres

These opportunities arise for preschool teachers and education aides.

With that in mind, embark on job hunting as follows:

  • Check Industry-based Job Boards

Look for relevant opportunities on accredited job posting boards online and offline. Some reputable hiring agencies post such vacancies and even conduct interviews for their hiring clients. Searching online by state, by qualifications, and by nature of employment should bear encouraging results.

  • Network

Inform family members and friends of your availability to offer childcare and your qualifications. They will refer or inform you should they hear of any opportunities. Such references, especially in daycare centres, come in handy since employers seek a trustworthy person whose character they can verify.

  • Volunteer

Offering voluntary services while waiting for formal employment is another option. Of its numerous advantages, it is an avenue to meet possible employers. It also helps a person gain hands-on experience. For those not yet decided on their career choice, volunteering brings the exposure that allows a person to choose if childcare work is an appropriate option.


Childcare jobs in Sydney and worldwide are rewarding opportunities. There is little possibility of worker redundancy. Yet, it is important to acquire the relevant skills and upgrade them accordingly. Gaining nationally and globally recognised qualifications remains the main advantage in getting the best opportunities.

Felicia Wilson


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