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You’ll Find Love Again After Your Most Devastating Breakup

Love Of Your Life

Perhaps our mistakes are what shape our lives.

Maybe we need to get out hearts broken first so that a new light can come in. Maybe we need to be broken to become whole.

And I understand that painful love is the worst kind of love and the worst kind of breakup. It is a relationship for which we had given everything that we have only to have someone not wanting to meet us halfway. (1)

So, that’s why we have broken into million tiny pieces and we are overthinking why we were not able to see the red flags from the beginning. Because they are there, the red flags are always there for the ones who want to see them.

However, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we choose people who are wrong for us and we desperately try to make them right probably because our souls are still not ready for the real thing and we need to learn yet another lesson.

Because it’s through the most painful experiences that we learn the most valuable lessons.

And maybe there is no such thing as a mistake, especially if that mistake has taught us something essential about us – who we are, who we love, what hurts us. And even though we didn’t want that love to end, perhaps it was all destined to happen.

Maybe we were supposed to get our hearts broken to prepare us for the love of our life.

And when I talk about a mistake, I think about a relationship that was toxic to us, a relationship that we should have left a long time before it inevitably went downhill and broke our heart.

But for some reason, we couldn’t let go. And it was not because that person was the right one for us, but because all was supposed to happen that way so that we can learn what true love really is.

No matter how many times we go back and try to make things work again – they never do. Because it was not meant to be.

That relationship was destined to end. Its purpose was to shake us to our core, make us so desperate and out of control that we had to transform ourselves and our lives.

Healing is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of time, energy, and willpower to do it. It’s a constant decision to untie ourselves from all the toxicity around us and to become stronger so that disappointments won’t get to us.

It’s the power of knowing that we can love someone, but still, we can walk away from them with our head high because we know that we deserve better. And the love of our life is just around the corner, expecting us to come healed and whole.

And when we do meet our true love, there will be no questions, no drama, no sleepless nights. It will be a love that feels calm and caring. A love that will show us why all our previous relationships failed.

Because everything that we went through, every bad relationship or experience, was only paving the way towards the person that was meant for us.

And it will raise us to greatness. Because that’s what real love does to people. It makes them real and brings about the best in them to the surface. 

Mary Wright