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You Can Never Fool An Empath Because They Vibrate On The Truth’s Frequency

don't lie to an empath

Empaths are truly gifted people. They are blessed with the ability to feel the emotions of other people as their own and because of that, help them heal their wounds and traumas.

If you are lucky to have an empath in your life, then you know that you can’t lie to them. Empaths can always sense when someone is lying because they are tuned in to a higher frequency. They vibrate on a higher level than other people and that’s why they are able to see and feel things others can’t.

Empaths can look at someone and see their true intentions. You can’t wear a mask in the presence of an empath.

Of course, sometimes the empath won’t tell you that they know you are lying, but remember – they can always see through you. An empath feels what you are feeling. Their intuition is high and they can sense any change of vibration. Yes, they will sometimes play along and allow you to have it your way, but that’s not because you succeeded in fooling them, but because they think it is not worthy to point it out to you.

don't lie to an empath

Because empaths always want to see the good in people. They are the great healers and optimists in this world. They believe that people are good at heart.

That’s why they won’t call you on your bullshit because they don’t want to make you feel bad. They care about hurting anyone’s feelings and because of that, they keep things they notice to themselves. Plus, they always justify the bad things from others because they understand human nature and that everyone makes mistakes. And empaths are willing to forgive because their soul is good and pure.

Empaths are deeply tuned into the frequency of the truth and they understand things in a deeper and more profound way which makes them able to empathize with everyone.

And since empaths are healers, if they see a hurt person, they may try to heal them by getting closer to them and trying to understand where the pain comes from, but if the person doesn’t let them, they will walk away.

Empaths are selfless and one of the most genuine people in the world. If you have an empath in your life or if you are an empath, then you are truly blessed with the greatest gift of all.

Mary Wright