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Yes, I’m ‘The Nice Girl’ Who Will Never Stop Believing In The Goodness In People


You can make fun of me, tell me how delusional and crazy I am, you can laugh, you can mock me, but I’ll never stop being that ‘nice girl’ who keeps believing in a possible Utopia one day.

Yes, I’m that person who likes to believe in the goodness in people no matter what others say.

I care about human beings. I’m compassionate. I have a beating heart made of flesh and blood. I have a heart that needs to feel love. A soul that needs to feel alive.

So, I give love. I unconditionally share love. And I’m not afraid.

I have a habit of caring about the people in my life sometimes way too much than I should. I’ve put myself out there and I’ve spent my entire time and energy on people who meant the world to me.

But, I admit that my strong desire to really be there for people has sometimes brought me sadness.

There were times when it broke my heart. It made me realize that despite my good intentions, kindness and a pure heart, there will always be people who won’t be able to perceive that.

And I can’t say that there weren’t times when all I wanted was to be a little bit tougher and sturdier than I am.

I’ve struggled to explain to myself that life will be much simpler and easier if I only turned my incredible compassion into selfishness.

But, despite all of the consequences I’ve endured, I can honestly say that I can never be someone who doesn’t give a crap about the world. I can’t be someone who hides her own feelings. I can’t risk losing myself only to be accepted by the majority of people.

So, I will never allow anyone to change that. I believe that this world can be the most beautiful place for everyone if we just try. I believe that most of our issues we experience can be settled if we only bothered enough to open our hearts and let our emotions guide us.

I know, it is easier to remain pessimistic. It’s way simpler to be negative and constantly complain about everything. You act like you don’t have a care in the world and after a while, you become the most indifferent asshole in the world.

Your emotions start to fade away. Your heart loses its vigor and energy. Your soul no longer shines. You become a bitter and miserable human being whose existence is based on endless despair and negativity.

Well, I don’t want that!

I will risk getting my heart broken, but damn it I’m not going to turn into those heartless robots.

I’m not going to deny my emotions when they are the most important part of my existence that makes me feel alive.

I won’t hide my vulnerability because that’s the only way for me to ever feel love.

I won’t disguise my true nature, just so you could feel comfortable around me. I’m not going to be something I’m not.

Because I would rather risk having my heart broken than having no heart at all.

I will never stop believing in the goodness in people. I will never stop hoping for a brighter future. I will never stop searching for the beauty in life. I will never stop believing in the possible Utopia out there.

But most importantly, I will never give up on real love, even if society pressures me to keep my emotions to myself.

Yes, I’m ‘The kind girl’ who will never stop believing in the goodness in people.

And in a world full of hypocrites, I can only say that I am proud of who I am!

Stephanie Reeds