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Why Should You Interpret Your Dreams???

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Although they do not reveal any information upfront since dream sequences and dreamscapes are not quite straightforward or data-backed, they do carry subtle meanings and can symbolize a wide range of emotions you might be going through. And if you manage to successfully decode these interpretations, the deeper meanings of your dreams can help you think better and clearer. It might help you realize things that were hiding in plain sight and things that you might be oblivious to before.

Nothing is worse than struggling to decipher a confused mind. So, understanding your dream symbols and their meanings is critical if you want to gain insight into your own unconscious mind and uncover hidden emotions or desires.

There is no foolproof and scientifically proven way to completely make sense of your dreams. The opinion on this has always been divided. In this article, we will look into the five most common dreams and what they might actually mean.

5 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Here are the five most commonly experienced dreams and their possible meanings or interpretations.

Dreams About Falling

This is one of the most common dreams witnessed by people oft-times. It often means that things are not usually headed in the right direction for you. And that you might have to reevaluate your decisions to align a particular situation perfectly to your expectations. You have a goal to achieve, but you realize that you are off track, moving away from what you are trying so hard to achieve.

This is when you could have falling dreams as you feel the situation is spiraling out of control and you would not be able to achieve the outcome you always wanted.

A positive connotation of falling dreams could be that you are too hard on yourself and need to loosen up a little to let your life go with the flow and take better shape, gradually leading to better outcomes or resulting in a happier version of yourself.

Dreams About Being Chased

Dreams of being pursued or being on a constant run symbolize an act of trying to run away from accepting reality or dealing with real emotions. In some cases, being chased in your dreams frequently also means certain emotions getting triggered due to traumatic memories from your past.

Such dreams might come off as negative, but they do have an encouraging message to give you. They signal you to take charge of your feelings that you have been trying to escape all this while. This could be a great way to glean some valuable personal insights and resolve the long-simmering issues that you were afraid to face.

Dream About Dying

Death as it is, in real life, is a terribly frightening experience. Imagine the fear and trauma it would trigger if scenarios involving death were frequently witnessed in dreams. It could be equally scary. Why do you dream about deaths or dying particularly?

Many people think that seeing yourself dying in your dreams has a negative connotation. But it could point toward new beginnings in life or the demise of pain and suffering.

Dreams About Being Naked

This dream can have multiple interpretations based on the specific situation you encounter in your dream. The situation sets the context for you to understand the dream better. On a positive note, it might indicate that you have found a new sense of purpose and freedom in life. This means that you have the power to follow your heart, opening to mind to explore uncharted territories and different possibilities.

The negative connotation of such dreams represents anxiety and the fear of being vulnerable. In fact, it means the opposite of keeping an open mind. In this case, you might be scared of revealing your hidden truths or your flaws to people, thinking they might not appreciate or like it and move away from you.

Worst, you might feel that opening up to people about your insecurities could put you in a bad light, exposing you and inviting embarrassment resulting from unreasonable judgments.

Dreams About Flying

Dreams about flying represent a feeling of liberation and independence. It could indicate freedom from restrictions or norms imposed on you. And aggressively pursuing your goals. Because when you fly in your dreams, you are fearless and have no constraints. This means that you might be on your way to accomplishing your aspirations and achieving great success.

However, they might also symbolize situations you have avoided all along and never had the courage to face things upfront.

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Imagine Vecna’s curse from the popular sci-fi Netflix series Stranger Things. However, something like that happening in real life is almost impossible. What is relevant here is how Vecna targets emotionally weak and shattered people in their dream. He tells them that they are suffering from the pain of their past events and brutally kills them eventually in their waking dreams to help them get rid of that agony and distress.

Why did Vecna choose to chase people with emotional distress in their dreams? Because that is where your past memories and emotions from your waking lives lie bare and unfiltered. Your brain tends to process these events in your dreams.

In a nutshell, most dreams are pathways of expression of your dormant or innermost thoughts, wishes, and emotions. According to psychologist Alan Eiser, a clinical lecturer at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, dreams are visual imagery of your conflicting emotions and personal struggles you witness on a regular basis but involuntarily. And they are meaningful.

If you are able to uncover their deeper interpretations, you can square up to certain feelings or emotions you have been scared of for a long period of time. Decoding dreams can also help you uncomplicate your emotional state of mind and sort through the mess. They even help you recall important memories. The best part is that dreams can also enhance your creativity, explore ideas without any barriers and thus inspire you to innovate.

Some other commonly witnessed dreams are as follows:

  • Dreams about teeth falling out
  • Dreaming about someone on a loop
  • Dreams about you involved in a crash or an accident
  • Dreams about childhood memories
  • Dreams about drowning in water

Meta: Dreams are not random episodes! Most dreams are a dim reflection of your fears, insecurities, previous experiences, good or bad, and issues from your current life. What exactly do they mean, and how do you interpret them? Read on to know more.

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