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Why gamers stand a better chance of success on the dating scene than you think


There appears to be a real stigma attached to dating a gamer. Yes, gamers invest more of their time and money in graphics cards than in Valentine’s cards, but does that make them any less attractive in the long term? The reasons why gamers make great partners are not quite so obvious as dating good-looking athletes for superficial, aesthetic reasons. But if you dig a little deeper, you will unearth a wealth of benefits to having a boyfriend or girlfriend that enjoys gaming.

Gamers are intelligent – and intelligence is sexy

It’s not a joke that gamers tend to be more intelligent people. In fact, researchers have often proven that gaming of all kinds can improve your brainpower. Gamers tend to be highly-skilled guys and girls in their own way. They typically have great hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, as well as excellent general knowledge. The chances are you won’t be bored sitting down together and chewing the fat with a glass of wine. Gamers are often thrown in the ‘nerd’ category and have had it rough in popular culture through the years, but what’s hotter than a confident, empowered individual who knows what they want in life?

Gamers are fun because they are big kids at heart

When all is said and done, gamers enjoy gaming because it brings out the ‘kid’ inside. Gamers enjoy having fun just as much as the next person. It’s just that their perception of fun may differ from what’s culturally expected.

Gamers also look to video games and card games as a form of escape from everyday life – a chance to find laughter together even if things may not be going great in other parts of your life like your job or health. A recent Twitch survey also found that gamers have more positive attributes than those who don’t play video games. They place high importance on relationships and having a successful career.

Gamers are laid-back, patient souls on the whole

If your gamer partner can translate even 50% of their dedication and patience from their gaming to your relationship, you should be onto a winner. For instance, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is a keen poker player, a key rule of thumb in basic poker strategy is to never expect to succeed with every move you play. They will have to demonstrate a great deal of control and patience to bide their time and strike when they have a winning hand. (1)

Enjoy having a tech-savvy partner

One thing is for sure – those with a gamer for a partner won’t need to fork out for technical support with their gadgets. You can bet your bottom dollar that most gamers are tech-savvy and understand electronics and gadgetry like the back of their hand. You can be sure of having a state-of-the-art home entertainment setup for those cold winter nights together.

Gamers aren’t clingy and are happy for you to be independent

Another underrated quality in a boyfriend or girlfriend that enjoys video gaming is the fact they enjoy their independence. Having a clingy partner who calls and texts you all the time can be a real turn-off. Gamers tend to enjoy their own company and will appreciate giving you time and space on your own or with your friends. Just because they don’t text you so often doesn’t mean they don’t love you as much either. It just might mean they are busy slaying some zombies or fighting off an army’s land attack.

Gamers pay attention to the finer details

A key skill in video gaming is having an eye for the details. Whether it’s for use in sim gaming or first-person shooters, gamers commit to leaving no stone unturned in search of excellence. A gaming partner will often mean that your boyfriend or girlfriend is attentive and extremely observant. They may be more receptive to when you are feeling down and capable of surprising you with a romantic gesture for the perfect pick-me-up.

Contrary to popular belief, gamers are not just nerds without a social life. Gamers are fun, sociable people that crave fun and intelligent conversation just as much as you. The next time you date a gamer, hopefully, you’ll be reminded of this article, and be sure to give them a chance! (2)

David Smith