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Who is the Military Haircut For


For us, men, our haircuts are essentially our magical do-over and “makeup.” The coolest haircut can turn a homeless-looking dude to a clean, good-looking, presentable man. And that is why asides the sleek dressing and a nice pair of sneakers, a cool haircut is also an important fashion statement. 

When we say haircut, the last thing that comes to your mind is the military. Because, if you think about it, the military does not precisely depict fashion or style. The military is more of discipline and responsibility. Nevertheless, this rigid code of conduct has birthed a hairstyle that is common to the brother-in-arms. This trademark hairstyle it is none other than the popularly called military haircut. Men all over the world love this haircut. Why? Read here.

The military haircut also referred to as the “high and tight,” features a skin shave to the sides and back with a short buzz cut at the top. This hairstyle is a very macho one and can be worn by anybody. 

However, just because the military cut can be worn by just about anybody doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for everybody. This brings the question; who is the military cut for? This question covers a broad scope because the haircut is all-encompassing, and we will break them down one by one.  (1

Who should go for a Military Haircut?


The one thing the military haircut is known for is the professional look it gives. This haircut came to be due to the army code of conduct that depicts professionalism and responsibility, the core values of the military. It is, therefore, no coincidence that their haircut will represent just that. 

The military haircut indicates seriousness and willingness to work. As such, it is recommended for those in the corporate world. It is not too flashy, yet it speaks authority when combined with a bespoke suit and tie. 

In the corporate world, there’s a saying that goes thus – “first impressions last,” and as such, your first impression should be one of professionalism, responsibility, and reliability. Your client will want to rest assured that their work is in safe hands. The military haircut gives you that first impression that will leave a lasting memory of you in their minds.

Thus, if you are a lawyer, a stockbroker, an investment banker, or affiliated with the corporate world, this haircut is a good fit.   (2)


The downside of most other hairstyles is freedom. Say you are moving on a fast motorcycle, for example, without a helmet (please make sure to wear your helmet though. Safety first people!), if you have on a full hair, it will be all over the place. And then the nice styled hair you left home with starts to look raggedy and unkempt. 

What is worse is if you are going somewhere really important and you need to look presentable. With a military haircut, you don’t have to worry about that. Your hair stays the same way you left home with – styled, fresh, and presentable.  

Asides this, you don’t have to worry about how your hair looks every 5 minutes. The military haircut gives you the freedom to wear a fashionable hairstyle without worrying about disruption in style during the day.


If you don’t have time or are not into hairstyling, then the military haircut is for you. Asides the freedom of not having to spend so much time and hair products trying to get the hair in shape, you are less likely to get an infection on your head, like lice. 

It is estimated that around 6 – 12 million lice infestations occur per year. This is a result of poor hygiene from people that are less enthusiastic about how their hair looks. Also, if your hair is in direct contact with people having lice, you can get infected too, and it is much easier for a full hair to attract and accumulate lice than a short one. 

Again, if you do not have time or don’t dig all the fuss about hairstyling and treatment, you should seriously consider choosing the military haircut.


It is no news that your personality and image represent who you are, and the military haircut comes with it a striking personality that screams macho. 

There was this kid in high school that everybody feared. He was tall, not all that muscular, but was always on a military haircut. All the high school bullies feared him and steered clear because they felt he’d be trouble if they messed with him. It wasn’t until I got to know him personally that I discovered that he was a pretty nice guy, almost too lovely, and was a momma’s boy.

Now I am not trying to say that every nice guy cuts a military haircut. But it is okay to say that the army haircut is like register a signature that speaks for you even before you open your mouth. It shows everyone that you are bold, confident and not the type of guy to be messed with. If you feel the need to make a statement with your appearance – either in the showbiz, sports, or entertainment industry – you should seriously consider the military haircut.


The military haircut is just like any other haircut that gives you class, style, and charisma. Besides, it gives you that commanding presence that gets you noticed.

As a civilian, you are restricted from operating a strike drone or handling military-grade assault rifles, but you are not prohibited from wearing a military haircut.

Therefore, regardless of who you are and what you do, you can do yourself a favor by getting a bespoke military haircut today because of the way it speaks volumes of your personality and professionalism.

David Smith