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When to Buy New and When to Consider Pre-owned Products?


You don’t have to purchase a brand-new item every time you need something. Pre-owned items can be the smart way to save some money while making the most out of your purchase. You can sometimes buy a pre-owned item at a fraction of the cost of buying new one.

However, there are some cases where it is not the best choice to buy second-hand. Let’s take a look at when you should buy new and when you’re better off considering pre-owned products. (1)

When You Have a Tight Budget

The moment a car, an electronic appliance, or computer accessories leave the showroom, their value starts to depreciate. If you want to resell it even immediately after your purchase, you will only get a fraction of the price you paid for it. This means that buying a brand-new product isn’t a smart investment. Used products, on the other hand, can be significantly cheaper than buying new.

So, why wait until you save enough for that brand-new vehicle or electronic device? You would do much better to purchase a pre-owned alternative that’s available at an affordable price. Check out online re-selling websites to find high-quality and pocket-friendly used products.

When Quality is Your Priority

Contrary to the popular belief, pre-owned products can last longer than new ones. High-quality and well-built second-hand items will last you longer than a cheaper, brand-new alternative. Think about it – the clothes and accessories you find on the re-sell websites are tried and tested.

Buying a used product is not a risky decision, as long it is a quality brand and has been well looked after. If quality is your priority, you should look to the specs, construction and brand of the item, whether it is new or used.


Used items are more environmentally-friendly than brand-new products. In recent years, more and more consumers have started to look to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable products. One way to look after the environment is to buy used products. Ask yourself “do I really need that new gadget or accessory?” By using a product that has already been manufactured, you can do your bit to help the environment. (2)

Products to Buy New

Despite being budget-friendly, used goods are not always the best option. It is important to be suitably cautious when buying used products. Always do you research, check the product specs, and check that any electronic device or electrical appliance you buy is in proper working order.

Additionally, there are certain items and products that are simply better to be bought new. Here are those that you should skip the second hand option and go for new instead:

  • Car Seats: Buying a used car seat will cost you less than buying a brand-new one. However, it is very difficult to tell if a car seat is damaged, and therefore virtually impossible to check that the safety specs are still in place. Additionally, safety technology keeps improving every year, meaning that car seats have a shelf life. Unless you are buying it from a trusted friend or family member, you should consider getting new car seats.
  • Mattresses and Bed Sheets: There is no denying that a brand-new mattress can cost a fortune. In order to save some cash, many homeowners choose used mattresses. As tempting as the idea sounds, beware: second-hand mattresses may house dust mites or other contaminants. Just because it isn’t visible to you doesn’t mean the mattress is in a good condition. What if the second-hand mattress you are buying from an unknown seller is infested with bed bugs? You’ll end up having to throw it away, and probably need to call in pest control – costing you much more in the end.
  • Baby Products: Sure, you can sanitize used products to disinfect them. However, is it really worth the risk? You are better off spending a few extra pounds on brand-new baby bottles and accessories than trying pre-owned products.

Pre-Owned Products to Consider

On the other hand, there are certain types of products that you are often well-served to buy preowned. These include:

  • Books: Why waste your cash on new books when you can get the same items second-hand? Checking the quality of the used books isn’t difficult. You just need to flick through a few pages to verify they are in a tip-top condition.
  • Video Games: You can easily save up to £20 on a used copy of a game. Usually, the owner sells it because they’ve finished the game, but it is still in perfectly decent condition.
  • Accessories: Used accessories can make a good investment, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a luxury product. Sites like Chrono Expert UK allow you to buy top-quality watches, jewellery or other accessories at the fraction of the cost of the brand-new equivalent.
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