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How to Make a Date Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Despite the Coronavirus pandemic that changed the world, life goes on, and people want to love and be loved. COVID-19 is not a reason for single people to stay alone and avoid searching for lasting love.

But how do combine dating and health care? We gathered a list of recommendations that will help you find a romantic partner and stay healthy. No matter where you live, now the San Antonio dating features are similar to the Indianapolis ones, and the dress code is the same everywhere.

Keep social distance 

It’s crucial to avoid the crowds, so no more family dinners at a cozy restaurant and favorite bars on Friday evenings. If you see more than 50 people at the venue, you shouldn’t join them. It’s a serious challenge for densely populated cities where citizens used to visit popular places on their LA or Indianapolis dating.

Even this simple rule can be difficult for people to follow. You shouldn’t be one of those who violate it. Furthermore, staying in a noisy place and speaking in a mask isn’t convenient. (1)

Use the benefits of digitalization

Now, it’s the time when we can especially estimate all the benefits of technologies. Social networks, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime help you to stay connected with your friends.

And online dating services are the safest way to find true love in our conditions. Today, NY meetings, as well as Indianapolis dating, are conducted online. At least, during a video call, you can see your partner without a mask.  

Avoid everybody who doesn’t care about health as you do

The Coronavirus is a good common topic to start a conversation, it’s like talking about the weather. Of course, people can have their own point of view, but you don’t need a new acquaintance that doesn’t believe in this serious problem. Just imagine how Ricky can be your date: who knows, how often does he or she wash hands? For serious relationships, you need to find someone who shares your values and way of life.

Make sure that you and your partner are healthy

When you successfully passed stages of chatting, phone calls, and video dates, nothing stops you from meeting in-person. So, if you both feel healthy, you can go for a date and explore the chemistry between you.

A little tip: google the most popular romantic places for a date in your city, for example: “top things to do on San Antonio dating,” but remember the rule about keeping distance and choose parks with small picnics on the lawn. If you want to visit a cafe or restaurant, search for spots with outdoor sittings and contactless payment. Don’t forget your mask and sanitizer.

Discuss what you think about physical contact before a date

It’s an important moment that can help you avoid misunderstanding on your long-awaited Indianapolis date. One of you can expect an expression of feelings, but the other follows the 6 feet distance rule. Talk about it so that you don’t offend anyone.

Wait two weeks before going on another date

It would be better to stay at home after meeting in-person someone new. It works like a quarantine after a trip – not pleasant but useful. Also, this moment will help you focus on communication with a small number of people. You can’t go for a date every day, so you should be more rigorous in new meetings. (2)

We hope that the pandemic will be over soon, and our dates will be the same again, but now it would be better to follow these rules.

Meta: Let’s talk about safe dates during COVID-19: how to search for someone special, have a good time together, and stay healthy.

David Smith