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What You Need Is Someone Who Encourages You, Not Pushes You


You don’t need someone who forces you to do the things they want you to do. Someone who wants to change you. Someone who doesn’t allow you to be yourself. Someone who doesn’t accept you for who you really are.

What you need is someone who encourages you. Someone who is able to see all your qualities and strength. Someone who sees what your goals and dreams are and who encourages you to pursue them no matter how high or unrealistic they appear to everyone else.

You need someone who believes in your abilities. Someone who believes that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Someone who encourages you to fulfill your true potential.

You need someone who can see beyond your outward beauty. Someone who can see the beauty of your soul. Someone who thinks you’re smart, capable, and tough. Someone who knows that you can deal with any problem and overcome any difficult challenge life sends your way.

You need someone who is aware of your worth. Someone who knows all your weaknesses and imperfections and yet doesn’t criticize or judge you because of them. Someone who knows all your bad sides and yet doesn’t make you feel weak or unimportant because of them.

You need someone who embraces all your flaws because they know they’re a part of the person that occupies a special place in their heart. And most importantly, they know that your insecurities and fears don’t define your worth.

You need someone who respects your opinions and ideas no matter how different they are from their own. Someone who doesn’t interfere with your decisions and respects your choices.

You need someone who knows how to treat you when your anxious thoughts and fears reach their peak. Someone who doesn’t call you “overly sensitive” or “needy” when you get emotional or jealous. Someone who doesn’t make you feel like a bore when you shower them with affection or when you tell them ‘I love you’ for the third time in the same day.

You need someone who doesn’t emphasize how much weight you’ve gained and that you should visit the gym ASAP. You don’t need someone who compares you to other women/men and makes you feel bad about yourself.

You need someone who is happy for you and celebrates with you when you achieve a goal but also stays by your side when you’re feeling down or when you’re going through a rough phase in life.

You need someone who encourages you to find your inner strength and pluck up the courage to get up, shake off your pain, and move on when life knocks you down.

You need someone who builds you up when you’re feeling low. Someone who reminds you of your worth when you can’t find anything good about yourself.

You need someone who encourages you to do the things you’ve always dreamt about doing, and not someone who pushes you to do something that you don’t want to do or that’s against your principles and values.

And if you don’t feel ready to chase certain goals, whether personal or professional, they shouldn’t pressure you into pursuing them.

You need someone who doesn’t pressure you or manipulate you into doing anything. Instead, they let you make your choices on your own and respect them even when they don’t agree with you.

Yes, this is the kind of person you need to be because you deserve the best – and never settle for anything less than that.

Riley Cooper