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What Shoes To Wear For Spring Adventures

Spring Adventures

Spring is one of the best times to start your adventure journey. They provide the perfect temperature and weather for all your outdoor activities be it as simple as visiting a nearby river, hiking, mountaineering, or other rough adventures. But in all these activities, the one major point that ensures you enjoy the experience throughout is the selection of the right shoe. A good shoe, especially on your first outdoor adventure will make a difference in whether you like adventures or not. Thus, no matter what, it is always recommended that you get a good pair for any of your adventures. Though this might be a piece of cake for many, if you are starting on your own and have no one with the proper knowledge to help you out, then read this article as here we have listed out some of the best shoes one could wear for various spring adventures.

Our List Of Best Shoes For Spring Adventures

With that aside, here are some of the best shoes available for Spring Adventures that make sure you have a pleasant experience throughout.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are one of the best shoes for adventures. As the name suggests, these shoes are suitable for hiking which many people might be interested in during Spring more than any other season. And since hiking has become one of the most popular adventures in recent years, many vendors have started to sell hiking shoes that might not be genuine and do not meet the points mentioned above. But if you are unsure where to start looking for hiking shoes, we recommend Nortiv8 shoes. The Nortiv8 hiking shoes are quite affordable, made out of genuine quality materials and fabrics, and also follow the points that we mentioned above. Thus, their shoe could be a game changer for a newcomer.


Sneakers are one of the best all-purpose shoes on the market. Though they might not be suitable for rough adventures, they are easily one of the most recommended choices for simple adventures like camping and such. Do note that a camping sneaker is different from your casual everyday sneakers, hence keep that in mind when buying your shoes.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are hands down the best shoe for any rough adventure. When it comes to durability against heavy wear and tear, they are top class. Thus, if you need a shoe that protects your feet at all costs, combat boots are the one to go for. Though they might seem like an overkill for your simple and less energy-consuming activities, they can still be used for it without any issues. The only downside with these shoes is that they are quite heavy.

Tactical Boots

Tactical military Boots are for people who do not want combat boots for simple adventures. These shoes are thinner and way lighter than combat boots. Due to this, they are more flexible as well, which might come out as an advantage if your adventure isn’t that long and demanding.


Finally, we have the sandals. Yes, sandals also make a good adventure shoe, especially if your adventure includes lots of water or beaches. These shoes have large openings, that expose almost all of your feet to fresh air. Thus, when in water, you do not have to worry about any sand sticking to your feet at all. All the sand you might accumulate will easily be gone once your feet dries, and the sandals will make sure this happens very quickly. An added bonus is the size of the sandals. Since they take up relatively less space than any of the other shoes on this list, you can easily carry them during other rough adventures where at the end of the day you might camp near a river or lake.

Things One Must Consider When Buying Shoes For Spring Adventures

Before we get started with our shoe recommendation, it is absolutely necessary that you take the points mentioned below into great consideration.


Since most adventures are long, it should be your top priority to make sure that the shoe you buy provides you with the maximum comfort possible. As a general thumb rule, always try the shoes with your socks on so that you can get the exact measurement, which is a key aspect of a comfortable shoe.


The one thing you would never want to happen is your shoe giving up and tearing in the middle of an adventure. To make sure this doesn’t happen, always buy shoes made out of strong materials and quality fabrics. In addition, when buying adventure shoes, always make sure you are not allergic to the shoe’s inner fabrics. (1)


A waterproof shoe will ensure that your feet don’t unnecessarily get wet, which when not taken care of immediately will lead to foot infections. During an adventure, this is probably the last thing you might need, hence take waterproofing of your adventure shoe seriously.


In some cases where water inevitably enters your shoe or your feet start to sweat a lot, a breathable shoe is what will dry your feet quickly to avoid any potential infection risks, without having to remove your shoe and wait for your feet to dry. (2)

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are a newcomer to spring adventures, you can easily follow this guide and be assured you will have a memorable experience. One point that you must always keep in mind is that, buy the shoe that is only suitable for your preferred activity. For example, if you want to go on hiking, buy hiking boots only and not sneakers or any other shoes, even though the latter might be relatively cheaper. Follow this and you should be good to go.

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