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Web-Based Screen Recorders: Capture Without Installing


Having a reliable screen capture tool is a necessity nowadays since people are very interested in video content and are eager to interact with it actively. If any issue occurs, they record their screen and share the footage with an expert to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Additionally, they record online lectures and webinars to watch them when convenient and edit them to make concise tutorials. People also record their screens to make social media videos.

There are many more applications of screen capture tools in the modern world, so it’s essential to know what programs to use to record the screen effectively and safely. Read on and explore useful information about online screen capture programs.

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Why Choose an Online Screen Recorder?

There are many reasons to use a web-based screen recording tool. First and foremost, you don’t need to install any additional software on your device. It’s especially true if you have limited storage on your device. Online screen recorders are quite simple to use and have intuitive interfaces, making them perfect solutions for people without technical experience. These tools have minimal setup time, so you can start recording in minutes. Web-based screen capture tools are typically updated by the service providers, so you don’t have to worry about manually upgrading software to access new features. At the same time, keep in mind that it won’t run if you don’t have a stable internet connection.

Top Tools for Screen Recording

The variety of screen recorders is impressive, and it’s not easy to choose the right tool that meets your needs. It should be an easy-to-use program with different recording models, and basic editing tools. Let’s explore popular screen capture tools that will enable you to record your screen with one click.

Movavi Screen Capture

Screen Capture is a free online screen recorder with a range of capture and editing features. You can record any area of your screen and capture audio. There’s a built-in video editor, so you can improve your video by cutting unnecessary parts and adding text. With the automated capture option, users can schedule recordings. Cursor highlighting and customization features enhance the clarity of your tutorials and presentations. Movavi offers a free trial, but then you have to pay to use it.


With an AI-powered screen recorder, it’s easy to capture your screen, webcam, and audio without software installation. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. You can start with a trial version that leaves no watermark on your recordings. But keep in mind that it provides only basic editing tools. Apowersoft lets you save your recordings in various formats and directly upload your videos to social media platforms.


Loom is a free screen recorder that allows users to capture video recordings of their screen and webcam. It’s very popular among marketers and educators due to its ease of use and versatile features. Loom doesn’t impose a strict limit on recording duration. All your recordings are stored in a cloud-based video library, which can be organized with folders and searched for easy access. Consider that a free version has limitations and offers only basic editing tools.


This fast and easy screen recorder is an excellent choice for personal use, education, work, and development. Users can capture any part of their screen, camera, system sound, and microphone. It includes basic video editing tools and a library of stock music and images. There’s a free version with essential features, but you can always pay to get advanced capabilities.


RecordCast is an online screen recording tool and video editor that is available for free. There are three record models: only screen, only webcam, and screen and webcam simultaneously. With a built-in video editor, you can improve your recordings, add text, adjust colors, and incorporate dynamic elements. After editing your video, download it in MP4 and share. It’s 100% safe and secure, so be sure your files won’t go to a third party.


Whether you opt for Screen Capture’s editing versatility, Apowersoft’s AI-powered simplicity, Loom’s versatility, ScreenPal’s fast and user-friendly approach, or RecordCast’s secure online option, each tool caters to a unique set of needs. Ultimately, your choice should align with your specific requirements for screen recording and editing.

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