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How to Make Stunning Social Media Videos in 2022


Sharing stunning videos is the best way to build a successful profile on social media platforms. Do you know that users spend around 18 hours a week watching all types of videos? Well, with appealing video content, you can build a vast online community on social media platforms. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are full of video content that is watched by many users. You can also start 2022 with a bang by uploading stunning videos on social media platforms. Read on to know how to make stunning videos for social media platforms.

Take inspiration from existing video content

Many times, we are confused about what type of videos to make. Do your research before making video content for social media platforms. For choosing the topic for your video, you can have a look at your old posts on social media platforms. Check for the post that has performed well in the past and what it was about. You will get to know the topic that was preferred by your followers or social media friends. You can then take inspiration from it and create new video content on the same topic. Many social media influencers remaster their old videos and gain more views/likes.

Try making shorter videos

Do you know that the completion rate of online videos within a minute is around 68%? In contrast to shorter videos, the completion rate of online videos with a length of 20 minutes is only 25%. Social media users tend to watch shorter videos that quickly get to the point. 1-2 minutes is considered to be the best length for videos on social media platforms. Besides social media influencers, brands and businesses can also leverage the power of shorter videos on social media platforms. Since the completion rates of shorter videos are high, more people will know about your brand on social media platforms. Cut the introduction part and display it in the form of subtitles. Also, stop beating around the bush in your videos and get to the point straightaway.

Believe in quality recording

Video content with bad video/audio quality isn’t preferred by social media users. Most social media users believe in making many videos with their smartphones and posting them in bulk. For gaining success on social media platforms, quality and consistency are the keys. You need to make high-quality videos that can immediately catch the attention of social media users. Nowadays, many smartphones offer high video quality. However, you can invest in a video camera and a tripod stand for better quality. You can also get a good microphone to record your videos.

You also have to create the perfect setup for recording your social media videos. Make sure you adjust the lighting so that it does not obstruct the video elements. Even in this era of artificial lights, natural lighting is the best setup one could use. For brand owners who want to film a product video, make sure the background isn’t shaky. The focus should be entirely on your product and not on background elements.

Polish your videos with editing platforms

Once you have filmed your social media video, you need to give it a professional look with an online video editor. You can add a lot to your social media videos with a reputed video editor. With an online video editor, you can add effective transitions, stickers, subtitles, text overlays, animations, music, and much more to your social media videos. With an editing platform, you can use your video clips and images or choose from the stock library. Stock video clips and images on video editing platforms are license-free.

For making stunning social media videos, you should choose an editor with an intuitive UI to save time. A video editor with an intuitive UI will help beginners that have just started making social media videos. If you have budget restrictions, you can opt for free versions of any popular video editing platform. InVideo is a popular editor that has an intuitive UI and also comes with a free version for newbies and small businesses.

Don’t forget to add music

Reels on Instagram and TikTok videos are watched by billions of people around the world because the videos are short and appealing as they contain background music. Adding background music to your social media videos will make them more stunning. For adding background music, an online video editor is needed. Video editing platforms offer license-free songs/music tracks to editors. License-free music/song can be used without any copyright hassles as they are free for commercial use.

If you don’t use a video editor, you may need to create your own music track for avoiding copyright hassles. If you use a song of any creator without their permission, your video might be subjected to copyright strikes. It is better to be on the safer side by using license-free music offered by video editing platforms. Make sure you make the video according to the beats of a song/music track to make it more appealing to social media users. Select a song/music track that sets the mood right of social media users and makes them excited about your video content. One can use the weekly trending music tracks on social media sites for their video to make them more appealing.

Don’t forget to add a CTA

A CTA (Call to Action) is one of the most important elements of a social media video. By adding a CTA at the end of your social media video, you compel users to take any action that benefits you. CTA helps in achieving the primary objective of sharing a video on social media platforms. Brands can invite users to buy their product/service in the CTA. Influencers can add a CTA that prompts users to like or share the video.


2022 is going to be a great year for video marketers according to the trends. You can also leverage the power of social media videos to generate views or likes. Start making stunning social media videos in 2022!

Felicia Wilson