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Ways To Make Self-Care a Priority in Your Life


Today’s world gets busy so quickly. In the blink of an eye, schedules fill up, keeping you on your toes and, at times, overwhelmed. You may find yourself tired, frustrated and feeling like you give 110% to everyone else but yourself.

How does this happen? Many feel validated by doing things for others or checking off boxes daily. However, that schedule can quickly wear you down, burning off motivation and desire. It’s time to focus on you, making self-care a priority. Not sure where to start? Use the following tips to guide you in reclaiming personal relaxation, focus and happiness.

  1. Plan a Trip for You

Routines keep you on track, but they can also weigh you down. Carve out a day or week to reenergize, planning a trip for you! Do you have kids? Leave them with your partner, and go to the spa for a weekend. Do you have girlfriends or friends you’d love to see? Plan a get-away Mediterranean cruise, where you can explore a new area and get away from chores and errands.

That time away offers several potential benefits. You get to detox from the expectations set at home. This break may allow you to reflect on what is taking up too much of your time. In addition, you get to feel like you again, enjoying your interests and having fun. It’s a stress-reliever and energizer in one.

  1. Pick up a Hobby

The kids have sports. Your spouse loves to run. What do you do just for yourself? If you can’t list anything, reconsider. It’s essential to allow yourself to have enjoyment. Whether it’s an exercise class, book club or cooking lesson, you deserve to have breaks and social time. These will enable you to explore your passions, connect with like people and move out of the monotony of pleasing everyone but you.

A report from Utah State University indicates that hobbies may impact how you feel. The organization notes that activities could help with blood pressure, lower stress levels and, in general, improve well-being.

  1. Set Aside Daily Quiet Time

If you think you are short on time, consider taking 10 to 15 minutes a day to move out of chaos and recenter on you. You may think that’s a lot of time, but it’s manageable. Get up before others and sit, sipping your coffee and watching the news. Choose a bath instead of a shower, lingering for a bit longer to soak in bubbles and solitude. You could even head out for a brisk walk on your own.

  1. Journal Your Feelings

Bottling up emotions isn’t helpful. They can eventually topple over. Release that pent-up aggravation by speaking with friends or writing it out in a journal. Keep a notebook on the side of your bed. Spend five minutes writing out how your day went, listing the good too! It’s essential to focus on what is going right even when you think it’s been a bad day.

  1. Learn to Say “No.”

Self-care means turning some attention to yourself. You don’t have to make it a solo journey, but you do need to stop and say that you are essential. If your plate is complete, it’s okay to tell others you are unavailable. If you’re tired and worn out, ask for rainchecks or opt not to attend something right now. Giving yourself a day now may revive you for later gatherings.

This word is hard for pleasers. But there are a few ways to make it easier. Create goals and rules for yourself. If you go out one night, stay in the other. Don’t feel guilty. You socialized. Don’t give in to guilt. If someone is nagging you, politely tell them no and move the conversation along.

Being busy is good, but it’s not beneficial to wear yourself out. Devote time to others, and keep yourself in mind. Focus on self-care practices to help prepare you to tackle your additional endeavors.

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