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Real Relaxation: 5 Meditation Tips to Relieve Anxiety

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The benefits of meditating are well-known, but still, so many do not meditate.

Some believe the myth that meditating means sitting in a lotus position for hours on end. Others believe meditation is too “woo-woo.”

But some people only need a little encouragement and good meditation tips. Here are some ideas for beginners if you want to learn how to meditate to relieve your anxiety.

1. Positive Meditation

Let’s start with a meditation practice you can do as soon as you open your eyes. Positive morning meditation is one of the simplest practices.

Stay lying down or sit on your bed in a comfortable position. Any position is fine, as long as you relax your body—breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

List your daily tasks in your mind and put a positive spin on them. For example, “I am going to enjoy a delicious coffee then put on my favorite sweater before walking to work. I am going to nail that presentation and eat a delicious meal cooked by my husband.”

The meditation benefits of this practice will put you in a good mood.

2. Mindful Meditation

Kicking things up a notch, mindful meditation is the practice of noticing every thought that pops into your brain. You do not judge the thought or linger over it; you only notice you have the thought.

For example, if you think about the laundry you left in the machine, say to yourself, “I am thinking about the laundry in the machine.” And then let the thought slip away.

This practice teaches you to be in the present. It also reminds you that you are separate from your anxious thoughts. You can practice this meditation anywhere.

3. Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is where you meditate on a specific image. You can relax your eyes and look at an object you are holding in your hands if that is easier.

Sit in a comfortable position. Think about or look at an image. Whenever your mind wanders, please bring it back to that image. 

The meditation benefits of this practice are to calm your stressed mind and allow it to be still.

4. Mantra Meditation

If visualization meditation does not help you calm your thoughts, mantra meditation may be a better fit. Choose a mantra and say it in your mind with every inhale and exhale.

These are some good mantras for anxiety:

  • This, too, will pass
  • I am enough
  • I am worthy
  • I am a warrior

Choose one that empowers you and fits with the rhythm of your breath. Mantras give your mind little chance to wander, so they are great for meditation beginners.

5. Attend a Guided Meditation

If you have used these meditation tips and want to improve your practice further, consider joining a guided meditation class. It is important to find a good fit with a meditation teacher.

Because when you do, you will unlock so many more benefits of meditation.

Change Your Mindset With These Meditation Tips

Anxiety, stress, and tension seem to be a natural part of modern life. But it does not have to be that way.

If you follow these meditation tips and keep up a small yet consistent, practice you will handle life’s challenges much better.

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David Smith