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Unusual Yet Effective- Unconventional Stress Busters You Must Try

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Can Affect Anyone

Stress isn’t good for the body and the brain, but there is hardly anything you can do to steer clear of it. Everyone faces it, regardless of age, profession, social status, and lifestyle. Moreover, it is almost everywhere, at work, in relationships, and in every other aspect of life. The best way to deal with it is by busting it, but this is again a major challenge in itself.

There are several conventional stress busters you can try, like deep breathing, massage, aromatherapy, and meditation. But there is no assurance about how long they would work or whether they would work at all. It makes sense to look for unconventional ways to cut down your anxiety when the usual ones wouldn’t help. Here are some unusual yet effective stress busters you can try.

Opt for the right foods and drinks

Surprisingly, food and drink offer feel-good benefits that you are probably missing. Certain foods and drinks can help alleviate anxiety to a significant extent. Orange juice works well because vitamin C is great for balancing your moods. Similarly, crunchy foods can make you feel good by releasing tension and relaxing the body. Opt for healthy picks like cruciferous fruits, crunchy veggies, and nutritious nuts. You may even chew some gum to lower your stress levels, as it is known for reducing the cortisol levels in the body. 

Try cannabis for anxiety

Over the years, cannabis has sidelined the reputation for being a recreational substance and is seen as a therapeutic wellness aid. Several research studies prove that it can treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia naturally. But make sure that you stick to quality stuff and steer clear of reggie weed altogether. Find an optimal dosage and the right strain for anxiety relief, and you will experience a big difference. The best part is that it serves as a medicinal treatment, but without the side effects of medicines.

Talk to a friend

If nothing seems to work, talking to a close friend can be the best stress buster. Even a five-minute chat with a trusted friend or colleague can lower the burden and make you feel relaxed. Sharing your apprehensions and emotions aloud lets you release the anxiety within and gets positive thoughts flowing. While you vent your feelings, your friend may even have a helpful piece of advice to share. The next time you feel stressed, invite your bestie for a coffee or just call them!

Spend time with your pet

Having a furry companion gets you in a vantage position if you often feel stressed. Spending time with pets induces relaxation and relieves tension, which is not just a claim but a fact proven by scientific research. Just taking the animal out for a walk or simply playing with it in the backyard would make you feel lighter and happier. You can try cuddling the pet or even talking to it about your problems.

When you feel stressed, closing up your emotions isn’t the best thing to do. Rather, indulge in something you enjoy and have a hearty laugh. All the anxiety will be gone before you know!

David Smith