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Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away

Toxic Behaviors

Let’s be honest – we have all behaved toxic at some point in time. Gossiping, anger outbursts, jealousy, lack of compassion, negativity… all these are toxic behaviors that are not healthy. They can cause severe gaps in your relationships with the people you love and care for.

Below is a list of toxic behaviors that we tend to do that push people away from us.

1. We take things too personally.

2. We are overly judgmental and critical towards others.

3. We hold onto pain and past wounds.

4. We are jealous and envious of the people who have it better than us.

5. We are acting stubborn about what we think is right.

6. We act like victims and blame others for our mistakes.

7. We want everything and everyone to be perfect even though we are not perfect ourselves.

8. We lack emotional self-control and awareness.

9. We constantly need validation and attention from other people.

10. We gossip.

Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away

11. We lack empathy and compassion for other people.

12. We have anger outbursts without thinking.

13. We cut ties with people and ghost them just because we can.

14. We are sometimes cruel to other human beings.

15. We are hiding our true colors.

16. We have a negative outlook on life.

17. We are cheating at our life by not living our truth.

If you have some of these traits, then maybe it is time to work on them. Ask yourself why you behave like that and how they make you feel, how they impact other people and then change them by adopting new, healthy behaviors.

Mary Wright