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To Live A More Fulfilling Life, Spend Money On Experiences, Not Things

To Live A More Fulfilling Life, Spend Money On Experiences, Not Things

There’re countless things you can spend money on these days. Food, clothes, jewelry, cars, household appliances, gadgets, and the list goes on are all things society pressures you into buying.

Indeed, we live in a society where the idea that driving the most expensive car, buying the perfect house, going to the most stylish restaurants, wearing the most fashionable clothes or expensive jewelry, and buying the latest high tech devices is the key to happiness surrounds us all the time through media.

Unfortunately, what many people fail to realize is that spending money on things is not what brings genuine, permanent happiness. It’s not what brings a sense of true fulfillment into our lives.

Yes, buying a new, expensive car or a new gadget may be exciting and satisfying for a while, but the truth is that the excitement always fades. And once the thrill and satisfaction fade, you find yourself back in the same place looking for the next thing to buy so as to keep yourself feeling happy and satisfied.

Well, if you, too, happen to think that money can buy happiness, please know that there’s a better way to achieve happiness and spend your money when it’s payday and the deposit hits your account: Stop purchasing things and begin buying experiences!!!

Yes, if you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life, refrain from spending money on unnecessary, expensive things and start purchasing experiences. Trust me, it absolutely pays off.

Here’s why:

1. It’s the little things that truly matter.

Like I’ve said, buying expensive clothes, jewelry, or fancy cars may be thrilling for a while, but that excitement will soon fade.

Things such as going to a concert or a restaurant with your friends won’t only cost you less than the above-mentioned things, but they’ll also provide a way more fulfilling and long-lasting happiness than the temporary excitement of a costly purchase. Moreover, spending time with your friends will help you recharge your batteries and feel less stressed.

2. Life is about making memories, not collecting things.

When you’re 60, you’re not going to remember that iPhone 11 Pro you bought when you were 20 because all your friends had one. You’re not going to remember the designer clothes you wore or how much money you spent in bars partying with your friends.

Instead, what you’re going to remember is the memories you created and shared with your loved ones. You’re going to remember the moments you and your family laughed and had fun together. The moments you felt loved and appreciated.

3. Giving is better than receiving.

There are a few things that provide a sense of genuine happiness like giving to others. So, the next time you’re window-shopping every clothes shop or wandering the supermarket, remind yourself of this.

Instead of searching for stuff that you may want to buy for yourself, try to find the perfect gift so as to surprise your partner or best friend. Get your father some nice perfume or buy your mother a nice bouquet of flowers.

Surprising a loved one with a gift will not only brighten their day and make them feel cherished and appreciated, but it’ll leave you feeling good about yourself, and that happiness won’t fade like your temporary thrill over a new iPhone.

Riley Cooper