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Those Who Fall In Love With Teachers End Up The Happiest


Here are 8 reasons why those that fall in love with teachers end up the happiest:

1. Teachers know how to communicate.

Being able to have open and direct communication with others is a prerequisite for dealing with conflicts easily and building healthy, strong, and meaningful relationships. And this is exactly how teachers communicate both with their students and their partners.

A teacher can listen to their partner talking for hours without interrupting them. And most importantly, they aren’t afraid to express their thoughts and feelings, which means that their partner will always know where they stand with them.

2. Teachers are fun.

Do you think it’s possible to spend your life surrounded by kids without laughing at life’s difficulties, embracing both positive and negative sides of life, and learning to relax, have fun, and look on the bright side of life? Of course, it isn’t.

That’s the reason why people who fall in love with teachers end up the happiest. Because falling in love with a teacher means falling in love with someone who really enjoys life.

3. Teachers are motivating.

Teachers know how to motivate students. They can teach them how to learn from their mistakes and fulfill their true potential.

Well, in their relationships, a teacher does a lot more for their partner. They encourage them to find out what their insecurities are and overcome them. They encourage them to learn new things about the world and change their perspective. They motivate them to pursue their goals and dreams, no matter how high or unrealistic they might appear. And they inspire them to work on themselves until they become the best version of themselves.

4. Teachers are selfless.

They never put their needs and opinions before their students’, and they’re always willing to find time to help or support them. And in their relationships, a teacher does a lot more for their partner. They’re willing to go out of their way to make them happy. And they never prioritize their own feelings, needs, opinions, and desires over their partner’s.

5. Teachers understand the importance of patience.

Teachers are ones of the most patient people. When you talk to them, they listen to you attentively. They show interest in what you have to say. They show that your words have meaning for them.

And when you disagree about something, they don’t rush to criticize you or judge you just because your opinion is different from theirs. Instead, they let you state your opinions and views openly and clearly, and then they try to reach an appropriate solution to the problem together with you.

6. Teachers are passionate and dedicated.

Waking up and going to school early every day, leaving school late, and spending time marking masses of homework and exam papers at weekends proves how dedicated and passionate teachers are.

When it comes to their relationships, they show the same level of commitment and passion. They fully commit to their partners and make time for them, even when their schedule gets too busy, which undeniably helps build a strong, harmonious, and lasting relationship.

7. Teachers are optimistic.

A person that’s positive and that always looks on the bright side of life is the kind of person that everybody wants to be around. And teachers undoubtedly fall into this category of people.

No matter how awful their day was, they try to stay positive. They’ll smile and be cheerful as though nothing has happened. And this positive energy is always transferred to their partners.

8. Teachers love truly and deeply.

Not only do they genuinely care about their students, but they also truly care about their partners. They fully commit to their partners and love them selflessly and unconditionally. They accept and appreciate them for who they are. And they make sure their partners always know how much they mean to them.

Riley Cooper