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Things You Need to Know About YouTube Premium


The internet is full of fun stuff to watch. Among the internet’s greatest gifts is YouTube, and many people love this app. YouTube is a streaming app and offers millions of videos from different uploaders and YouTubers. If you are looking for something cool and amazing to watch, head out to YouTube.

In the year 2015, YouTube launched its premium and paid service for all its users. With YouTube Premium, users can get to watch videos and listen to music without pop-up ads. Before, this premium thing was called YouTube Red, but it was later called YouTube Premium. 

Facts about YouTube Premium

Being the largest video-sharing and viewing platform on the internet, YouTube also offers the best free content videos for everyone across the planet. Many would wonder why they have to subscribe to a paid version when they can watch videos for free?

The answer to that question is YouTube Premium guarantees not only ad-free videos. When you subscribe to YouTube Premium,  you will be able you continue watching the video from the last minute you dropped off. You can also watch videos even when you open another app.

Not only that, but you can also download the videos for later and save it. So, if you plan, you will never have to worry about not catching YouTube videos for a few days. If you want to learn more about YouTube Premium’s offers and features, this article will show you everything you need to know about the paid quality. 

The difference between YouTube Premium and Regular YouTube

Everyone on the planet might have experienced watching videos on YouTube. With that, almost everybody knows how it works and how useful it has become for humans, especially for learning and discovering new stuff.

However, just like we mentioned earlier, why do you have to subscribe to a paid version when the regular version is very much accessible to anyone on the internet? To name a few differences, here are some that you can look into.

Watching and tolerating ads on regular YouTube, YouTube Premium allows users to watch all videos with zero ads. Not only that, but YouTube Premium also offers the YouTube Music App, which is almost similar to Spotify and Apple Music.

The YouTube Music App has about millions of songs that you can listen to, and it offers all music genres that you can add to your playlist. You can discover, listen, and save music on the app with your favorite playlists. You can also listen to these tracks even when you’re offline. This feature is one thing you should not miss out on YouTube Premium.

What countries can access YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is widely available in almost all parts of the world. Countries include the USA, Argentina, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malta, Bahrain, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, Colombia, Norway, Philippines, Peru, Singapore, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Europe, and more.

How much is YouTube Premium?

Like any other premium and paid apps such as Spotify, YouTube Premium also has different payment plans that will fit anyone’s budget. For single persons, you can avail of the $11.99 plan per month. This plan allows you to have unlimited ad-free streaming in all YouTube video content, watch videos without a Wi-Fi connection, and use YouTube Music for free. 

However, if you live with your family under one roof and plan to share the subscription with everyone in the house, a family plan should be the one for you. The YouTube Premium family plan is offered at $17.99 per month and has the same premium features as the single one. However, the subscription can be extended for five members 13 years old and above.

If you are a university student, there is also a YouTube Premium plan intended for you. For only $6.99 per month, the YouTube Premium plan for students is the one to get. It still has the same features as the single plan, but it is offered at a lower price for four years. One is eligible for the student plan if they are currently enrolled in a university. 

How to sign up and use YouTube Premium?

One can quickly sign up for a YouTube Premium account by merely downloading the YouTube App and registering there. If you already have a Youtube account, you can click on the pop-up boxes that show “Free Trial for YouTube Premium” and log in through its website. 

However, if you don’t see any pop-up on the app when you log in, you can always do it manually. To start, you will need to go to YouTube’s website or app and log in. Next, go to the Homepage and click on your profile photo. A drop-down menu will appear and click on Paid Memberships at the bottom. 

You will be brought to another screen that will show “YouTube Premium.” Once you’ve clicked that option, start a free trial first to try the paid version out. However, even if you start with a free trial, the app will still ask you to set up a payment method. This way, you can cancel your membership anytime, even if you are still on a trial period. 

Pros and Cons of YouTube Premium

Among the advantages of YouTube Premium is you can finally say goodbye to all the ads on the videos you will watch. YouTube Music will also come free when you subscribe to Premium. You can now listen to your favorite artists and music, even without an internet connection. It also goes the same way with YouTube videos. 

YouTube Premium also has its downsides. Compared to streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube Premium can be more expensive, especially in the family plan. The subscription also does not make you eligible to access pay-per-view, paid channels, and rentals. 


Catching ad-free often still promotes YouTube Premium, so if you hunt for other options, there are many others you can love. For instance, another selling point of the service is that half of the payments go to content producers, making them more professional clips.

David Smith