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Make Instant Payments Instantly with WeChat Pay


Messaging has evolved from simple telegrams into instant messaging. With the rise of social media, messaging apps also emerged as part of the push for digitalization. We value time so much that messaging apps have become a platform for sending messages, photos, videos, and other media forms.

To top it all up, would it be better if we can send more? Since social media has served as a gateway for us to connect to the world, online stores have seen this as an opportunity to reach their target customers online. One messaging app in China has thought of a better way to make transactions better for businesses and messaging app users in their country! (1)

Pay with a Messaging App

According to a report from HootSuite and We Are Social, 98% of people with internet connection in the country have visited an online store using any device. With the influx of online shopping in the country, WeChat, the most popular messaging app in China, has developed WeChat Pay to make money transactions easier for its users.

China uses several online methods to pay for their bills, groceries, and other purchases online. One preferred way of payment among customers is via mobile payment methods. These apps often pay your fees through QR codes or barcode systems. WeChat Pay also uses this method to its millions of users worldwide.

What Makes WeChat Popular in China?

On a global scale, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have dominated the messaging apps, with the former having two billion users as of July 2020 in the latest Statista data. However, in China, WeChat has taken over the country. Here are some of the reasons why you should download the app now.

Connecting People in a Tap

WeChat offers different ways to add people to your contact list. You can see people scanning each other’s phones to connect, or users can take the standard route of adding a new contact by using a phone number or an ID to search for them online.

The WeChat messenger app is the best tool to tap into the app’s 889 million monthly users. Businesses prefer WeChat for emails, and advertising in the messenger’s feature called “Moments.” Influencers and companies use this to show images and videos of their latest products and recommendations. (2)

A Super App

Like Facebook Messenger, WeChat messaging app is filled with mini-programs that help businesses connect with its massive user base. It was even dubbed as a “super app” because of its extra useful features. 

It has a ride-hailing function that users can access directly in the app, so they won’t need to install another app just for this service. Companies can also launch programs or apps within WeChat. They can send promotional advertisements and their latest product and service offers to the users with just a tap!


According to a recent survey, people from Mainland China have over 150 trillion transactions made with mobile payment methods. The increase of online payment has led WeChat to create a quick and simple payment process for its users.

Right now, WeChat Pay and Alipay have taken up 54% of the daily transactions made with payment apps. Online sellers and companies can easily confirm payments in an instant without the use of physical cash. The use of WeChat Pay is seen to increase with the current social distancing rules.

Pay with WeChat

China is one of the best places to visit during the holidays. Besides visiting idyllic spots in the country, you will be splurging your way as you see cheap shops selling fantastic clothes and other items, as well as affordable restaurants serving savory authentic Chinese food. Therefore, better equip yourself with WeChat Pay to make payments easy. 

  • First, download the WeChat app when you’re in China.
  • Tap the “Me” icon on the bottom-right corner and select the “Wallet” feature.
  • Choose the “+” icon located next to the search icon. Then, select “Money.”
  • Activate your WeChat Pay by tapping “Enable Now”. Next, you have to verify the user info by adding any 300 different credit cards supported by the app.

Load Up!

Before you can use WeChat Pay’s incredible service in China, your account should have enough balance for several payment transactions you will be making. Here are the two ways for users to load up after clicking the “Load Money” option.

Peer to PeerTransfer

If you don’t have a Chinese bank account, friends, family, or any person from your contact can transfer money to your account via the “general transfer.” They can also send you money with a “red envelope,” which is often used to send monetary gifts. All transactions are free of charge!

However, you can’t withdraw your money from your WeChat account. You have to have a Chinese bank card to receive cash from WeChat Pay. For business people who often visit the country, it’s better to set up a bank account to settle your payments faster.

Chinese Bank Transfer 

Having a Chinese bank card poses a lot of pros when using this payment service. You can transfer funds from your Chinese bank account to your WeChat Wallet in an instant! If you don’t like to keep doing the same transfer process, you can select your card for the payment while still using the payment service. 

Pros and Cons

WeChat values its user’s convenience by adding WeChat Pay in their messaging app.  It has made transactions more comfortable, and the cashless payments have lessened the people’s interactions during groceries and other payment activities, which is needed now with the ongoing pandemic.

It is also one of the most used apps all over China so expect more restaurants, malls, and other businesses to have payment options for WeChat Pay. The few drawbacks of using this service are that you need a Chinese bank card to access all its great payment features, and they don’t have many perks, unlike using credit cards. 


There are several other third-party payment apps that you can use, especially if you’re visiting China for a short while. But doing business and living in the country requires you to level up your payment transactions in the country. Get the best payment service in the country with WeChat Pay!

David Smith