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The Unique Benefits of a Double Vanity Sink

Double Vanities

Many people make the decision to add a double vanity sink to their bathrooms. Those living alone may not require one of these sinks, but the benefits prompt them to install one anyway. For homeowners working on bathroom projects, there is much to be said regarding double vanity sinks and their advantages. 

What Is a Double Vanity Sink?

A double vanity sink typically has two sinks and two mirrors or one large one. When shopping for a double sink vanity, homeowners have access to many options that address their needs. Before deciding on one of these vanities, homeowners need to first ensure they have the space since these models are sometimes twice the size of traditional vanities. 

What Are the Benefits of Double Vanity Sinks?

Double vanities provide many advantages to homeowners. The following are some reasons a person should consider having a double vanity installed in their bathroom. 

  • One of the benefits many homeowners appreciate is the added storage space. Because these vanities are larger than their single counterparts, they typically have more drawers and cabinet space. The extra storage can become beneficial to even single people who do not need to share a bathroom. 
  • Many people mistakenly believe a double vanity is going to give them less counter space, but this is not correct. Adding an extra sink makes the countertop longer and possibly wider, giving more space. 
  • Homeowners will find it promising to learn they can increase the value of their homes by adding a double vanity. A double vanity bathroom can increase the value of a home by as much as 25% or more. 
  • Double sinks look more beautiful and give an air of opulence to any bathroom. Because these vanities become the focal point of a bathroom, homeowners must take care in deciding which type to install. 
  • Plumbing issues can arise without warning and put homeowners under great stress. When a homeowner has a double vanity in their bathroom, they will have access to a backup sink should anything go wrong. 
  • By adding a sink, homeowners have access to double the design options. Double vanity styles include traditional, contemporary, and transitional. With so many design options, homeowners are sure to find one that complements their bathroom space and style. 

How to Choose a Double Sink Vanity

Research is always integral when choosing a new bathroom component. Because a vanity is such a critical component of any bathroom, homeowners are going to need to remain diligent in their research and determine which vanity will offer them the highest level of functionality. Homeowners should consider the following factors. 

  • Confirm the design matches the style of the bathroom. 
  • Look for double vanities that have extra storage. 
  • Choose durable materials that will hold up well for many years. 
  • Select a size that accommodates both sinks and offers plenty of room for two people to be in the bathroom getting ready at the same time. 

A Double Vanity Sink Allows For Greater Freedom in the Bathroom

Some people become frustrated because their bathrooms do not give them enough room to function. In the rush of the morning, two people trying to hover over one sink is impractical. Thankfully, there is a better option. 

Double sink vanities are now more widely available than before. Homeowners considering a bathroom remodel should look into the options for double sink vanities. 

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