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The Real Truth Why Empaths Always Fall For The “Hurt Narcissist”


Why are so many empaths getting attracted to narcissists even though they know narcissists are detrimental for them and their wellbeing?

Empaths are very kind, loving, and loyal people. They have the ability to feel other’s people feelings as their own. They are compassionate and they always put themselves in other people’s shoes before they make a decision. They are people who go to extremes just to make the world a better place for them and for others. They are always willing to help others even if that means sacrificing their own happiness.

Empaths are people who are true believers and they believe that deep down people are good at heart.

When an empath comes into contact with a narcissist, the empath will have a difficult time accepting the fact that the narcissist is a selfish human being. They convince themselves that they behave that way because they were deeply hurt in the past. They fail to understand that narcissists are takers with no emotions. They have an ability to suck other people’s energy and take whatever they can from the empaths without feeling guilty or remorseful.

The empath has trouble setting boundaries and distinguishing between what’s acceptable and what’s not and this is the perfect opportunity for the narcissist to take advantage of their genuine nature. They take full control over the empath so that they can exercise their power to manipulate them for their own means.

Once the empath gets entangled in the narcissist’s web of lies and manipulations – it is almost impossible to get out. Narcissists are masters of deception and manipulation. They are pathological liars who use all sorts of evil ways to make others give them what they want.

The abuse happens gradually, and often the empath doesn’t have a clue what is happening because the narcissist will present themselves as a wounded and heartbroken person who was a victim to other people’s abuse. The empath will then start feeling sorry for the narcissist and will try to help them alleviate their pain without realizing that that’s the narcissist’s tactic to toy with their emotions.

Can a narcissist and an empath have a healthy relationship and balance their contrasting natures? The answer is, NO. Even though many people believe that opposites attract each other, in this case, it is impossible to ever work out between them.

Why? Because the empath will eventually exhaust itself and finally become tired of constantly being accused of everything that goes wrong in the relationship. Yes, it may take a long time, but the empath will surely reach the point of no return and will leave the narcissist.

The empath should not feel bad for breaking up with the narcissist. They need to see it as a positive step towards getting their power and control back over something which was predestined to end up in disaster. No toxic relationship can ever be good. And the psychological abuse that comes from the narcissists is one of the worst experiences that someone can go through.

Mary Wright