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The Real Reason Why You’re Afraid Of Love, According To The Zodiac



Let’s be honest. You are someone who loves living life on the edge. You enjoy your fast-paced, unpredictable, chaos of life. But the one thing that you cherish the most is your freedom. You’ve always walked your journey alone. Unlike some people, you’ve never been afraid to completely rely on yourself. In fact, that is the only thing that you know best. That is what makes you a self-sufficient and egoistic person who would never give a damn about other people.

So, when it comes to relationships, you are terrified of commitment. You are scared of saying yes to another person because you think that the energy, you’ll have to put into loving someone else will steal your independence and extinguish that bright fire inside of you.


Oh, you stubborn bull. You hate changes, don’t you? So much that you would rather lock yourself up in a room and not go out for a whole year than face the unpredictability that your destiny carries. Your comfort zone is the only place where you truly feel safe. But, let me tell you something. It is also the greatest barrier in your life that is preventing you from finding true love.

It’s not that you don’t believe in love. You are an emotional, vulnerable person with a soft heart, but you don’t want others to see that. That is why your walls are so high. The fear of getting that precious little heart shattered and that soul ripped open is what prevents you from leaving your warm, safe shelter.


Gemini, you live for your freedom. You are someone who is unpredictable and changes their mind constantly. In your heart, there’s an inexplicable thirst for exploring and wondering. The curiosity inside you could never keep you in one place. That is why, as an air sign you prefer to keep your options open. You are simply too afraid of being confined in any way possible.

Even if it’s a loving relationship that makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before. It’s not that you are not ready to fall in love. It’s because deep down, you believe that love could never be enough for you. The thought of the tranquility and the stillness a relationship gives you anxiety.


You are by far the most nurturing and loving sign in the zodiac. You care about other people and you have a big heart full of love. You love wildly and passionately that is the only way love can be experienced. You are a loyal and faithful partner who would do everything for the sake of the relationship.

But, your undeniable devotion and your sacrifices in the name of love are the reasons for your broken heart. As a result, you are too afraid of making the wrong step and falling in love with someone who won’t appreciate your love. You would give everything to experience true, requited love, but at the same time, you are afraid of sacrificing yourself for nothing.


Oh, Leo, you romantic, passionate lover. We all know you as someone who adores everything about love. You have no trouble falling in love. In fact, love is the only thing you talk about.

It’s is certainly not hard for you to stay in love if you have a partner who genuinely and whole-heartedly loves you. But the thing that bothers you is finding that person. Disappointments are what you are afraid of. You have very high standards when it comes to the people in your life, so naturally, you are very picky when it comes to romantic relationships. When you love, you do it all the way. But you also expect the same in return.


Virgo, you poor, troubled, insecure soul. You are just too afraid of what others might say, aren’t you? You live inside your own world protected by these high, stone walls that keep all of your fears hidden. You hide inside your shelter because your insecurity makes you feel unworthy of love. You are so hard on yourself that you’ve actually convinced yourself that you do not deserve to feel loved.

That is why you attract the lost ones, the messes, the emotionally unavailable, the scarred people. The ones who need fixing. You are afraid that you would never meet a kind, caring person who will love you more than anything because you are convinced that you could never be good enough for them.


Libra, I know your desire for love. You are just another person whose dream is to be swept off their feet and live happily ever after. The only thing your heart truly desires is a deep, intimate connection with a person who would do everything to show you how they feel about you. You want to surrender your body mind and soul to someone who will not be afraid to be with you.

But, just like Virgo, you care too much about other people’s opinions. You try hard to be this charming, talkative, nice person that everybody likes. However, you are terrified of going deeper under the surface. Admit it, you don’t really know how to manage your emotions.


We all know that your greatest fear of love comes from your fear of getting stabbed in the back. You’ve been through a lot, so you don’t really trust people. Sadly, the ones who are the most suspicious to you are always your closest ones. However, this goes a lot deeper than you believe.

You want others to be 100% honest with you, but in reality, you are the one who only shoes them a third of what you are. You are a friendly person, but deep inside your soul, there is a whole Pandora box waiting to be open. The reason for this is your fear of falling in the wrong hands. Ending up with a person who does not know the real you. Revealing your deepest secrets to the wrong people.  


Sagittarius, you are the most energetic, adventurous and daring person I’ve ever met. You are the epitome of freedom. Your heart has an insatiable appetite for life. For you, the experiences you go through in life are more important than any relationship you will ever have.

That is why, when it comes to love, you fear commitment. You associate monogamy with monotony. You could never live a day without excitement and passion on a daily basis, therefore, settling down is something that you would gladly skip if that promises you a life of freedom.


You are a responsible, focused person who possesses a great deal of self-control and discipline. You are scared of love because you are very aware of how unpredictable and hurting love can sometimes be. You’ve been burnt before, so you are familiar with the bitter side of the love spectrum. And you are very cautious.

You don’t want to let someone in your life until you carefully analyze their intentions, meet them up close and personal and figure out what you really want. You are a realistic and very pragmatic person who does not want to waste their time on worthless relationships. You don’t fall in love that easily, but once you do, you are the most loyal person.


Oh, I know you. You have a profound need to be alone. Your wings mean everything to you. The world is your playground. You are afraid of love because commitment sounds like a prison to you. And, the last thing that you want to feel is chained or limited.

You are a truly loyal person, there is no doubt about it. You believe that if two people want to be happy together, they have to give each other some space to grow on their own. That is why you always let your partner knows that they are free to do whatever they feel like doing. Unfortunately, you don’t always get the same treatment in return.


Pisces, you are the most selfless person who has always been there for others. You like to help people without expecting something in return. That’s what lights up your heart on fire and gives you the motivation to move on.

However, more often than not, you catch yourself attracting poor and broken souls that need to be rescued by you. And as a result, most of the time you end up feeling used and mistreated.

You are afraid of love because you are tired of running around in circles. You want to find something real, but at the same time, you are terrified of attaching too easily and getting hurt all over again.

Stephanie Reeds