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The Most Difficult Lesson You’ll Ever Learn About Love


Before we even begin dating, we’re already somewhat prepared for what to expect. We learn from TV and movies, from our parents, and from the friends who got into relationships before us. Despite all these sources that we can learn from, there’s only so much that we can find out from other people. We need to learn from our own experiences too.

At some point in your love life, something will hit you that nothing could have ever prepared you for. That’s when you will discover the most difficult lesson you’ll ever learn about love.

It’s a Harsh Lesson

One day, someone is going to come along who will promise you the moon and stars. They’ll tell you that you’re their universe and that no one else can ever compare to you. Then, they’ll take their promises and run.

You see, not everyone who has sweet words has good intentions behind them. Despite how convincing people can be, sometimes they’re just liars.

Inevitably, this will happen to you. You’ll give your heart willingly to that person because they will convince you that they have given you theirs. After all is said and done, they will shatter your heart and hand it back to you in pieces.

That’s when you’ll learn that you need to protect your heart.

We Don’t Always Get a Fairytale Ending

It pains me to tell you this, but some romances will end in disaster. Although I can’t tell you which fate will befall you, I can say for absolute certain that you will have so many awful things to get through before you find the one.

Maybe you’ll be cheated on, lied to, or manipulated by the person you hold so dear. Even worse still, you could commit to someone who you love with all your heart, who later falls out of love with you.

Wound after wound will be added to that precious heart of yours. You will be scarred, bruised and broken.

If you’re not careful, you will feel that same heart that was once so full of love turn to cold stone.

Your Job is to Protect Yourself

There won’t always be a knight in shining arming to pick you up and save you. There isn’t some cherub with a bow and arrow waiting to take you to your soulmate. The only person who you can really rely on is you.

So please, protect your heart. Don’t fall for the lies of players and manipulators. Don’t allow it to be broken by someone who never really knew what it meant to love you. Instead, wait for the person who understands that hearts are fragile.

When you find that person, you will know that your precious heart is safe.

Love will teach you many things. So many of those things will be beautiful, eye-opening lessons. However, some of them will be less than nice. The main thing that you will discover is how important it is to protect and care for yourself. Sadly, you can only really learn that through heartbreak.

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Eva Jackson