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The Moment You Meet Your Twin Flame Is The Moment Your Life Changes Forever

The Moment You Meet Your Twin Flame Is The Moment Your Life Changes Forever

Life is a journey full of miracles. A path of many wonders.

Yet, there is nothing quite magical, mesmerizing and uplifting as experiencing the intense process of meeting your other half. The missing piece of your puzzle. The mirror of your soul. The one and only person whose heart beats in the same rhythm as yours.

No, I am not talking about finding your soulmate. I am talking about meeting your Twin Flame. The most unique, intense, fiery and transformative connection that has the power to shake the earth beneath your feet.

Your Twin Flame or Twin Soul is someone who doesn’t only connect with you on a physical level but also touches you spiritually. This person can come into your life as a friend, a partner or simply a teacher.  A twin flame is a light to your darkness, the sun to your moon, the yin to your yang.

Here are 7 signs that you’ve probably found your other half:

1. You experience a déjà vu. Something about them feels familiar. Their skin, the tone of their voice, their mesmerizing eyes, that charming smile or those big, soft hands. Whatever it is, you have a feeling that you’ve already felt their presence in your life. And they feel exactly the same.  It’s a beautiful and wonderful connection of the hearts.

2. There is an instant spark between you two. It’s got nothing to do with physical attraction or sexual chemistry. There is a spark between you two that ignites a fire and connects your souls. There is no way you can miss this because it is stronger than anything you’ve felt before.

3. You know how they feel. You know exactly what their thoughts are and how fast their heart beats. You can feel everything that goes on inside their souls. You are both so deeply connected to each other that you experience the same pain, the same sadness, and the same happiness.

4. You are strangely drawn to each other. There is a force between you that is stronger than anything else and keeps you two always next to each other both in a physical and spiritual way. When you are with this person, you have a feeling that you are home. There is no place that you’d rather be than beside them.

5. You have a strong feeling of security and comfort around them. You’ve just met them but you feel like you trust this person more than anyone else. Something about their eyes and the softness of their touch makes you feel safe and comfortable to be who you are around them. You just know it in your heart that they would never do anything to hurt you. Their world is your safe haven.

6. You have the same purpose in life. You share the same values, the same dreams, the same desires, the same fears, the same opinions, the same energy for life. Yet, your strengths and weaknesses perfectly balance each other.

7. You were both ready for each other. A part of you always knew that one day your paths will cross and your souls will finally reconnect. You both felt that you are getting closer to each other, but you decided to let fate take control of your lives.

So, have you felt this way? Have you found your soul’s mirror?

Stephanie Reeds