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The Importance of Rest in The Recovery Process After Injury

Rest in The Recovery Process After Injury

Active people hate any downtime. Sadly, if they suffer an injury, they must take time to rest and recover. Otherwise, the injury could reoccur or worsen and lead to additional downtime. Rest and recover so life can return to normal quickly.

The Right Perspective

No two injuries are alike, so listen to the doctor and follow their advice. Following their instructions will keep the recovery period as short as possible. By listening to them, you can reduce the risk of doing further harm and extending the recovery time. If you return to your normal routine too quickly, you may aggravate the injury and need longer to heal. However, this does not mean you need to sit around doing nothing.

Gradual Progress

One benefit of receiving chiropractic care post injury is the doctor will provide a graduated exercise program. This program helps rehabilitate the injured area while addressing those factors that may have contributed to the injury. This program should include lots of rest time and provide a general estimate of when your normal activities may resume. With this information, many people find it easier to slow down and rest their bodies. 

The Dangers of Resuming Normal Activity Too Soon

Resuming normal activities too soon can lead to longer healing times. Sadly, doing so may also lead to a secondary injury, one that could lead you sidelined much longer. The human body naturally compensates for an injured part, and this compensation places an increased load on other parts of the body. The additional load can bring about another injury.

Tissue Injury and Repair

When you suffer an injury, the affected body part becomes inflamed. This inflammation minimizes the extent of the injury and begins the process of repairing and regenerating the damaged tissues. Blood vessels around the injury widen to boost blood flow. The area may swell, and you will probably feel some pain. The body reacts to this inflammation by producing new, healthy tissue. 

Immobilizing the injured body parts speeds up new tissue formation. However, immobilizing the area for too long isn’t good. Once the new tissue can withstand the normal pulling forces of the muscle without damage, the affected body part should be mobilized again. When it is, you can begin exercising, slowly building up to where you were before the injury. If you wait too long, the muscle may atrophy, and you could lose strength and tissue extensibility. 

If the injured part doesn’t get rest or you jump back into your normal routine too quickly, the inflammation continues. The body cannot heal itself and the pain will remain. Work with medical professionals to prevent this from happening. 

Additional Factors That Affect Recovery

Mental and psychological stress may also slow the recovery process. Find ways to relax and enjoy life as you recover. Binge-watch TV shows or call and reconnect with old friends. Taking time to relax allows the nervous system to move from fight-or-flight mode to rest-and-digest mode. When the nervous system enters this mode, it dilates blood vessels so they send more blood to the injured part and speed healing. 

Sleep and a healthy diet are also crucial to the healing process. While you sleep, the body works to grow and repair damaged tissues. Anti-inflammatory foods aid the recovery process, as well. 

Many things determine the best rehabilitation plan for your needs. These elements include the type and severity of the injury. However, most people find rest is an essential part of this plan, so take time to relax and unwind. Your body will thank you for doing so by healing in less time. 

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