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The best place for a proposal: Fort Barrington


When it comes to romance, loved-up vacations, and couple’s getaways, the sun-drenched islands of the Caribbean are hard to beat. Couples looking for their next vacation or honeymoon should definitely take a look at the best beaches in the Caribbean, for sun, sand, surf, and luxury.

But when it comes to romance, one Caribbean island stands out – Antigua. And going further still, as a destination to pop the question to your loved one, it genuinely can’t be beaten. One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, it also boasts one of the most picturesque spots to make a proposal in the shape of Fort Barrington, the imposing 18th-century structure that stands guard over St John’s Harbor.

So what makes Fort Barrington one of the best places in the Caribbean to get down on one knee? Read on for the full breakdown of this wonderful, romantic spot.

The view

The short, steep climb up Goat Hill is well worth the effort. Reaching the top, you are rewarded with absolutely stunning views out over St John’s Harbor, Deep Bay, and the vast, azure-blue sea. Climb to the top of the fort itself and the panorama is extended to the entire island. It would be hard to find a more perfect or picturesque backdrop for a proposal!

The history

Named after the naval commander who built it in 1779, Fort Barrington has a fascinating history. One of the first lines of defense for Antigua, its impregnable and strategic position meant that it saw action on several occasions, as well as acting as a vital signaling station, alerting other fortifications on nearby Rat Island and then across the Caribbean. Adding this intriguing backstory and rich history to your proposal story is a wonderful bit of local color.

The rest of Antigua

A good proposal spot needs to be beautiful, of course, but it should also be well-situated. After the moment, you’ll want some equally romantic things to do to make your proposal vacation really memorable. Luckily Antigua offers romance in spades. Take a catamaran around the island and explore its 365 (!) beaches by boat, walk across Devil’s Bridge together, enjoy the magical sunsets over the sea, and explore the charming towns filled with picture-perfect nooks, crannies, and curios. You are guaranteed a loved-up experience around every corner in this charming, delightful destination!

Felicia Wilson