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The Best Dating Spots in London for Couples


Let’s say that the rigorous application is over and done with, and you finally have yourself a spouse visa London. Of course, nothing feels better than the country granting your partner or spouse permit to live with you in the UK for a long time. With a spouse visa, both of you practically have all the time to yourselves to explore life in London. What’s great is that you can also think of great dating ideas along the way to enjoy with your spouse!

However, where do you start, and where are the best places to go?

London has many great dating spots for couples you can ever think of. In such a romantic place, you’ll probably never run out of ideas to spend your days with. Whether you like serene, dinner dates, adventurous escapades, or a great picnic day-out, you’ll discover that there are enough destinations where you can explore creative date ideas with your partner.

That being said, here are some of the best dating spots for couples you can frequent in London!


  1. Tate Modern

What can get more romantic than art gallery dates? The Tate Modern is home to the world’s most iconic and famous art galleries, containing international collections of both contemporary and modern works.

This destination makes for a great dating spot as you amuse yourselves with significant art pieces by Warhol, Rothko, and Hockney. It can also be an avenue for fun, stimulated conversations about art, and a way to discover more about the art scene both locally and internationally while strolling around Tate Modern. If you finally get in the mood for a sit-down and some refreshments, you can drop by the Terrace Bar for a cocktail or a coffee as a resolution to your evening. Even better, you can plan your dates around Tate’s monthly late-night events which often feature sets from NTS radio, making your date more fun and memorable.


  1. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill picnics are a great dating idea for when you want to idle lazily on a spread of green fields while drinking in the magnificent London skyline view. Compared to fine-dining, expensive and over-the-top dates, a picnic date in a pretty park allows you and your partner to have a more carefree, relaxing day. It’s relatively low-maintenance as well since all you need are some snacks from your local shops and a picnic mat to enjoy.


  1. Borough Market

This destination is especially ideal for food couple enthusiasts or those who often like to go on food trips. Going around Borough Market is a great way for you to explore different treats and snacks. You can get your fill from the Monmouth Coffee Company, followed by cured meats and even fresh fruits and vegetables. Top it off with delicious pastries afterward for a complete experience. For foodies, a date in Borough market is akin to a trip in heaven.


  1. The Luna Cinema

Bring your film-loving partner to The Luna Cinema, and you’ll find them loving you a hundred times back. Unlike normal cinemas, the Luna Cinema amps up your date experience by projecting the film in an open arena. Whatever film you’re watching, this one will certainly be one for the books for both of you because of how it sets up a perfect romantic atmosphere while showing you a movie you can enjoy at the same time.


  1. The O2 Arena

Are you a couple with an affinity for adventurous activities? If so, you might be delighted to spend your date by trekking The O2 Arena Roof. Here, you and your partner can gaze at landmarks 52 meters high and at least 15 miles away. This experience can be an adrenaline-stimulating, thrilling and memorable experience for both of you. However, if you aren’t a fan of heights, you can also opt for various entertainment options like bowling, cinema complex, or even Oxygen Freejumping, if you plan on keeping your adrenaline pumping further.


  1. Doodle Bar

Suppose you prefer a cozy, sit-down date. If that’s the case, you can head over to the Doodle Bar, where you can express yourself through cute doodles or even flirty messages while you’re waiting for your drinks and food. You can also spend time playing away at the ping-pong tables if you prefer. This is a great way for when you want to end an activity-filled day with a calm date.


  1. The Serpentine

At the Serpentine, you can enjoy a romantic cruise along London’s oldest boating lake while reciting a book of poetry to your lover or just chilling out eating ice cream together. Here, you can opt for an hour or a half-hour reservation where you have enough time to spend your cute date. Afterward, you can drop by the Serpentine’s Lido Cafe and Bar for a Bloody Mary or a gin and tonic.

Felicia Wilson