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The 4 Hottest Summer Trends to Invest in Now


If you’re ready for some fun this summer, especially after last year’s corona virus-related lockdowns and restrictions, you might want to boost your fun potential with some hot new trends for 2021. Whether you want to invest in a vintage purse, bold new hairstyle, or the latest in fashion or shoes, there’s plenty to look forward to this summer.

Here are the four hottest summer trends to invest in now and love all summer long.

1. A Wavy Shag Hairstyle

The trend between straight, wavy and curly hair changes so frequently that it’s tough to keep up. Elle magazine recommends you go wavy this summer to enjoy the ultimate beach babe look. With this shoulder-length style, you can go low-maintenance and love it. Plus, the wavy shag lets you live a bit more carefree while enjoying your lighter highlights or overall hair color longer. Suggested color combinations include adding cinnamon accents to brown hair, blue or lavender tones to dark or black hair, and red or copper tones to blonde hair. The best part is that it’s a soft and romantic look that showcases a subtle warmth and confidence in you.

2. A Colorful Wardrobe

If you tend to wear beiges or other subtle colors, you might try something new this year and add splashes of color to your wardrobe. Netti suggests you go wild with colors this summer. The first palette noted is the monochrome that might focus on the stark contrast between black and white in checkerboard patterns and much more. The great thing about this aspect of the color trend is that most people already have black and white items to mix and match. If not, it isn’t too difficult or expensive to find some great pieces. In particular, blasts of colors, from neons to pastels, are welcome to the scene this summer.

3. Lingerie and Intimate Apparel

It seems like lingerie and intimates are always on-trend. But this summer, you need to ramp up your lingerie game, especially if you’re off for a romantic vacation, whether with a special someone or on your own, and you want to feel alluring. Some of the hottest styles of lingerie feature a range of gorgeous colors to suit any complexion or range of tastes.

Even better, the lingerie trend aligns perfectly with the overall color love affair going on in fashion, as you can find a yellow lacy teddy, a powerfully sexy chemise in red or black, or a lavender Janet Eyelash lace bra set with a garter. You can also use many of the most popular lingerie as pieces to your outfits, so throw a lightweight sweater over your bodysuit and skirt, and you’re ready for a stylish, romantic night on vacation. Just make sure to get something comfortable and form-fitting, such as busty lingerie, to ensure you are loving life in your new lingerie.

4. Sporty Sandals

Stitch Fix shares that sporty sandals will trend this summer, making it easy to find cute, comfortable shoes to go with your favorite sundresses. These shoes are the equivalent of “dad sandals,” or shoes you might otherwise wear on a kayaking outing, but they’re stylized to suit your casual summer daily wear. Or better yet, find your favorite Merrell or Teva sandals, and wear them with confidence with dresses, skirts, jeans and anything else that suits you.

Get Ready for a Trend-Packed Summer with the Best Investments

Fortunately, these trends are all fairly easy to invest in this summer. Whether you invest in one, a few, or all, you’ll love the results, as far as how you feel as much as how you look. Give the wavy beach hairstyle a try, add some splashes of color from your sporty sandals to your lingerie, and you’re in for an unforgettably fun summer.

David Smith