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Strong, Alpha Women Fight For What They Believe In And Bow Down To No One

Strong, Alpha Women Fight For What They Believe In And Bow Down To No One

Someone once said… Well behaved women seldom make history.

I believe that no truer words have ever been spoken before. And I mean it.

Strong, alpha women may intimidate most people, but that doesn’t deny the fact that these extraordinary human beings are exactly what makes the world go round. They are the change that we need. The force that gives us strength. The spark that ignites our fire.

Here are 7 things alpha, strong women do differently that makes them stand out from the crowd:

1. They create the life they want. Three words. Joie de vivre. The joy of living. That’s what these lovely human beings are after. The simple joy of existing at the moment and being alive. The pleasure of creating the world of their dreams and living life by their own rules.

2. They are happy alone, but open to finding love. These women are enough on their own. That’s because they search for their happiness within. They don’t perceive relationships as something that should make them complete. They don’t see love as something that should make them feel better. However, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like to fall in love someday.

3. They learn from their mistakes. Alpha ladies don’t waste their time worrying about their past mistakes. They learn from them and they know that once the lessons are learned, the only thing that they can do is put their new-found wisdom to use and improve their lives by embracing any change that comes their way.

4. They are not afraid to make the first move. They don’t wait around waiting for the right moment. They just do it. Whether it’s a life or love opportunity, these fearless, badass ladies are the ones that always make the first move. It’s just not in their nature to stay silent and let others take the lead. After all,  that is the only to create the life that you want.

 Bow Down To No One

5. They know exactly who they are and what they want. These women know how much they’re worth and they do not hesitate to fight for the things they deserve. Big, small, overweight, thin, yellow, black, different, they’re confident with who they are. They don’t care if what you have to say about them and they don’t try to change themselves to suit others.

6. They have real boundaries. Strong women are very careful about who they welcome in their world. When it comes to that, they rarely make exceptions. Their boundaries are solid and they represent the foundation that they build their life on. It’s simple. They would rather be alone than be with someone who disrespects them. 

7. They invest in themselves. More than they invest in anything else. Strong, alpha ladies take time to focus on their growth, work on themselves and just be their true selves. Their own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is the first thing on their priority list.

Stephanie Reeds