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Stop Chasing People Who Are Not Worth It – The Ones Who Are Meant To Stay Will Stay


In this life, I’ve been through many experiences. I’ve loved. I’ve lost. I’ve been betrayed. I’ve been broken. And somehow, I’ve always found the strength to love again.

But, one of the hardest things in my life I had to face was unrequited love.

Whether they were love affairs or friendships, I can honestly say that I’ve had my fair share of them. I’ve settled for relationships that were not good for me, I’ve chased after people who didn’t bother to let me know whether I am an important part of their life or not, I’ve given too many chances away, and in the end, they were always gambled away.

And you know what?

I’ve had it. I finally learned my lesson.

PEOPLE, no one out there wants to waste their time waiting for someone to finally make up their mind and come around!

Most of you say that we should fight hard for the people we love. But, tell me, what happens when that person doesn’t fight for you in return?

What happens when you’re too exhausted to even lift your finger because it was all for nothing? What happens when you realize that some people don’t deserve your attention?

I’ll tell you what! You finally learn the greatest lesson of your life.

The ones who are meant to be in your life and the people who genuinely care for you will always be there, regardless of what happens.

Listen, don’t let others confuse you. Fighting for someone is a beautiful and truly courageous thing. But it only works when there’s two of you. Two, equal, brave human beings who love each other more than anything in the world. Fighting against all odds. Against everything that might harm your relationship or break you apart.

If you’re alone in this, it’s called chasing after people. And even though it might seem harmless in the beginning, this chase can easily evolve in an exhausting routine.

I know I’ve had enough of that. I’ve had enough of emotional freeloaders. I’ve had enough of people who want to get everything, but never bother to give anything in return. I’ve had enough of giving myself away. I’ve had enough of wasting my energy on people who do not deserve one bit of my heart. I’ve had enough of accepting bullsh*t.

I’ve finally realized that I should value myself the most. I should be the only person who gets to decide who comes, who goes and who stays in my life.

It took me a lot of time to understand this, but the people who want to be with you will find a way to do it. They will cross mountains and wild rivers, but they will always find a way to show up and be there for you.

With the right people, you won’t have to force anything.

The love will be real and pure. Everything that once seemed hard, will now be simple. Because it is true what people say… When there’s will, there will always be a way!

So, please, let these words show you the way. Don’t waste your light on the wrong people. You deserve to be happy and appreciated. You deserve to experience the beauty this universe has to offer.

Anything less than the real thing is simple, not worth it!

Stephanie Reeds