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Smart Tips for Students to Be Always On Time


Time is one of the most precious things in the universe, which cannot be mastered by humans. It cannot be stopped and many students cannot submit their tasks on time. It induces multiple complications and the loss of essential grades is one of them. Every task is limited by time and if students do not submit their essays and other papers on time, they lose grades. Besides, students have private lives, which also require time. Therefore, it’s vital to control time properly.

As it has been written in the famous The Lord of the Rings of John Tolkien: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Some folks buy essay examples to handle their assignments. The others register every step and constantly watch at the clock. We know several effective tips that will help you to get organized and use your time productively.

Create a Reasonable Schedule

If you want to be always on time, you should know all the tasks and duties you are to complete. It’s an obvious step, but many youngsters seem to either ignore or forget about it. They aren’t always sure what must be done. Moreover, they mess up academic tasks with routine duties. It leads to great confusion and lowers the efficacy. A reasonable schedule should include:

  • All academic tasks;
  • Non-academic routine responsibilities;
  • Priorities;
  • Methods to reach goals;
  • Deadlines;
  • Instructions, etc.

This list can be longer. Everything depends on what can help you to get organized and outline the main goals. Make sure to take into account everything that is urgent and important. Do not ignore some non-academic duties and goals. For example, eating, sleep regimes, cleaning the house, and others are inevitable too.

If you want to boost the efficacy of your steps, add short instructions to all your tasks and duties. Define the methods that help to perform them faster. Your deadlines ought to be realistic. Learn how to predict the time necessary to fulfill every task to be effective and fast.

Prioritize Your Goals

It is important to establish a logical system of priorities. You cannot succeed if you do not know what task is important and which one can be completed much later. Therefore, you should assess all the tasks to decide which one is more important or urgent.

Your system of prioritization should be based on logic. Be honest with yourself and ignore such things as playing or watching movies. They can be done when your urgent tasks are accomplished. You may divide all the tasks and duties into the next categories:

  • Urgency;
  • Importance;
  • Complexity;
  • Academic subject;
  • Teacher or professor.

It helps to identify which assignment has the shortest deadline and which one is more important. Make sure you fulfill such tasks before you begin anything else. Thus, you will be on time.

Use a Digital Optimizer

Clever students use technology to fulfill what can be done with its help. Thus, a digital organizer may be very helpful for you. Of course, you may record your tasks and duties on paper. Nonetheless, this method is outdated and not quite reliable. The paper may get lost or spoiled. Besides, a paper notebook will end sooner or later.

On the contrary, a digital organizer can contain numerous records. If you use something like Evernote, you will be provided with multiple possibilities. You’ll be able to:

  • Set short- and long-term tasks for hours, days, weeks, and months;
  • Create headlines and add descriptions;
  • Set timers and reminders;
  • Take instant notes;
  • Share notes and other files with your friends (if necessary);
  • Take photos and screenshots.

Avoid Distractions

The main reason for being late is at least one form of distraction. You surely undertake actions that have no relation to your learning. We understand that you need them to make your life brighter and full of pleasant vivid impressions. Nonetheless, you should sacrifice most of your time to fulfill academic obligations. Otherwise, you will fail. When you have urgent and important tasks to do, make sure you:

  • Turn off all gadgets (unless some of them are required for learning);
  • Don’t watch TV;
  • Don’t play video games;
  • Stay away from chatting and hanging on social media;
  • Don’t party with friends, etc.
  • Be honest with yourself and avoid all such activities until your tasks are accomplished.

Never Procrastinate

Another rule you should follow is to say “NO!” to all forms of delays. At times, students do not want to do their tasks and postpone them until better times come. Nonetheless, you should never forget about your deadlines. You cannot write your essays forever.

  • Find encouragement and motivation;
  • Try time management techniques;
  • Study with other students;
  • Find support and use similar methods to beat procrastination.

Of course, a few exceptions can be made. These are situations when something extra important happens and you are merely forced to leave your studies. If the situation isn’t important, there should be no excuses for your delay.

Follow the smart tips proposed in our guest post. They are effective and will help to get organized. If you are disciplined, know what should be done first, have set priorities, and avoid delays, you will submit all your tasks on time.


David Smith