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Seven Lucrative Facts about the Nursing Profession


Nursing is one of the most loved and respected professions in the world. This sacred profession’s value has only increased this year as nurses became front-line soldiers against COVID-19. People came to the streets and balconies to praise these brave heroes for their work and dedication.

But how well do you know the nursing industry? There are many surprising facts about nursing that most people overlook. This article will shed some light on seven of this industry’s most lucrative facets that you might not know.


According to research, there are currently 2.86 million nurses alone. That is a significant number that will increase shortly. The nursing profession has a growth rate of almost 19%. So why are nurses so in demand? As focus turns on preventive care instead of reactive care, nurses stress taking on additional healthcare roles. They tend to educate patients on how they can manage medical conditions and treatments. Reforms in the health care sector have also pushed nurses into leadership positions. Nurses are more involved in policymaking and administrative decisions. Many nurses from the baby boomer generation are currently retiring. The growth in the healthcare sector has made nursing one of the fastest-growing professions in America.


Like doctors, nurses can choose from many different specialties. Let’s say, Registered Nurses (RNs) can choose from different areas of specialization. Some of them are more popular than others. An RN pursuing an advanced degree and becoming an FNP would aim at family cases, analyze the previous health reports, and begin with their examinations. Thus, degree programs and courses are now available to meet the demand of the time.

Nurses can also choose not to work in hospitals. Less than half of RNs work in hospitals. Most RNs decide to work in alternative environments with a more flexible approach to treatment. It has an added advantage as nurses can get promotions quickly through advanced degrees and professional training. 


According to US News, becoming an RN was one of the top jobs of 2020. A median salary for an RN is $71,730, and the unemployment rate is 1.1%. Nurse practitioners (NPs) rated 5 out of 25 on the list with a median salary of $107,030 and a low employment rate of 1.3%. These jobs will continue to be in the top 20 since demand will increase in the future.


Most nurses report a high level of job satisfaction. According to a survey, almost 89% of nurses are satisfied with their jobs. Approximately two-thirds of the nurses surveyed would recommend a nursing career to others since they take a lot of pride in their work. They also feel contended by helping people through some of the worst experiences of their lives. Nurses do life-changing, critical work, and they see real changes in the lives of their patients. That is why they feel gratified with their profession.


Nurses all over the world get rewards and perks. There are a lot of insurance packages nurses can choose from provided by the organization. They might get health and dental benefits, depending on their employer. Army nurses sometimes get no-cost insurance, whereas nurses who work for government organizations are also entitled to retirement packages and pensions. Some nurses are also entitled to tuition reimbursement that can be up to $5,250 per annum.


Few careers have international days dedicated to them. Even fewer can boast of someone as remarkable as Florence nightingale to represent them. Nurses devote their lives to protect and cure the sick and wounded despite the circumstances. It is an incredibly noble profession that is highly respected. According to a Gallup poll, nurses are one of the most respected people in the world. 


Many people choose nursing as a second career. There are no age limitations on who can become a nurse. Some employers even encourage mature nurses to join the profession. Nursing students are not required to have any educational background in healthcare. A mere 17% of the second career RNs have experience in a health-related field. It is even easier to become a nurse nowadays. Most universities offer distance learning options for nursing. These programs provide the same quality education at a much lower cost.


The first nursing school came into being in 300 AD. But new trends and challenges have brought about many changes in this field. Gone are the days when nurses were limited to one type of work. Nowadays, nurses get employed in many positions across the board. Demand for health care professionals will only increase soon as the world goes through the second wave of the pandemic. It is vital to encourage young people to consider this profession as a viable career.

David Smith