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Reasons That People Should Join Spiritual Communities


A spiritual community is something that has been gaining a lot of traction in the world today. Funny enough, many people live with people’s mentality in spiritual communities, not knowing that there is a large number of people in the world who share the same ideals as them. In the late ’90s in America alone, a survey showed that 90% of the country’s people believe in a higher power. Still, only about 40% believe in the ‘church.’ The church can be described as a worship place that people of religious backgrounds go to, such as synagogues, mosques, temples, etc. 40% of the people had to be going to their places of worship at least once a month.

What Is A Spiritual Community?

A spiritual community can be seen as a sense of being united by God, the higher power, regardless of previous religious affiliations. Spiritual communities believe in taking virtues that are taught in books such as the Christian Bible. These are taken to unite people, leaving the misguided teachings from them, such as shaming people and guilt. Spiritual communities look to spread other instructions such as that of Jesus on neighborly love and many more for spiritual growth.

A spiritual community looks to take out the judgments and pressure that is put on people by religion. The statistics have come to show that people no longer take too much time in faith. However, in a spiritual community, all people are united to God and try to live life in peace as much as possible. There are basic ethics and principles that human beings know are needed to maintain a healthy balance in life. A spiritual community works using those guidelines.

How Does One Join A Spiritual Community?

At this point, one might wonder how they can join a spiritual community. A spiritual community is against organized religion. Thus, there is no worship place that you are expected to go to and listen to people tell how things go. Having belief in the ways of a spiritual community means that a person is already inclined toward it. However, finding a group of people could enhance the community feels that the whole idea is about. Some people engage in groups and, once in a while, come together to participate in community-building activities.

The mentality to Have in A Spiritual Community

In a spiritual community, there is a mentality that can indicate being in the community as a determinant for the good life. It means practicing all that the setting is about—spreading love, peace, and joy. It doesn’t mean that a person should walk around doing things, saying that it’s what people from a spiritual community do. The idea is to do those things with no religious affiliation. Respect must be given to God and trying to emulate something that people know is right.

Spiritual communities give people the chance to step away from their religious roots, which they didn’t believe in. It allows people to stick in their belief in the existence of a ‘supreme being’ and doing what’s right.

David Smith