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Pros and cons of colored contact lenses

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Opting for colored contact lenses with the current development and evolution in the lenses has become more feasible. There are different types of contact lenses and in colored contact lenses itself, there is a different color which can give natural look to the artificial costume based looks, like Halloween lenses. There are different brands which offered colored contact lenses throughout the world, from which some are opted by famous celebrities, anesthesia, solotica natural colors from solotica etc. definitely gone are the days that contact lenses are only prescription based, but at the same time, everything has pros and cons and color contact lenses are not an excuse irrespective all the new developments. (1)

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of using a colored contact lens are very closely associated with the maintenance, before and after use of the lens. Like how one place them in the eye, and after removing them cleaning and preserving for the next use. There are lots of lenses that give natural look to the eye but at the end, the depth and the opaqueness of the colored lens determine the result, opaque of the lenses can cause blurred vision. The risk of infection is completely connected to the hygiene rules followed.

Basic to check

Contact lenses moved far from just prescription lens, with the online shopping, the colored contact lenses are easily available at doorsteps. Before opting for any lenses it’s always a good step to go for an eye checkup and get the suggestion from optometrist on the eye condition.

Where to find them

At the earlier invention of contact lenses, they are only available with a prescription. Still, prescription lenses or the correction lenses are good to be opted after your reputed brands or according to the suggestion from your optometrist. There are many popular and reputed brands like, anesthesia contact lenses, belle contact lenses, solotica lenses etc. which provide a wide range of colored lenses to choose from.

Care and precaution

Before buying the contact lenses, or even after buying, the most important thing to follow is the care instructions provided, every brand provides the care instruction according to the durability of the lenses,  disposable or a onetime lenses comes with less maintenance, lenses comes from one day, weekly, monthly and yearly usage of the lenses. keep the lens usage according to the time giving by the lens brands, over usage of the lens can damage the eye. Do not wear the lens overnight or sleep with the lenses on, as lenses reduce the flow of the oxygen making the eyes dry. Clean the hands before handling the lenses and clean the lenses for any dirt or debris with lens cleaning solution. If these lenses cause any irritation to the eye carefully wash the lenses and try placing them back if, at all still, the irritation persists take of the lens get a doctor to help and then use the lens according to the suggestion of the doctor. (2)

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