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People Don’t Always End Up With The Loves of Their Lives But That’s Life And It’s Okay


I believe in love. True, genuine, can’t-leave-without-each-other, soulmate love.

I’ve experienced it. I’ve loved purely and passionately. I’ve let myself drown into the never-ending ocean of emotions. I’ve been loved and I’ve been hurt.

I’ve had that kind of love that people usually write novels and songs about. I’ve had that kind of love that teaches you some of the most valuable lessons in life and sometimes even takes away more than it actually gives. I’ve been through it all.

But I’ve also been through many struggles and many painful experiences in life to learn the rest of my lessons in life. And so, eventually, those phases changed me. As time passed by, I’ve freed myself from the expectations that each and every one of us gets a perfect soulmate in life. I’ve accepted that life isn’t always fair, and it isn’t always a fairytale.

The truth is, we don’t always end up with the biggest loves of our lives.

But that is okay.

If you are lucky, you get to meet the one, true love of your life. And if you are even luckier, you get to fall in love with them and stay beside them forever. You get to learn from them, spend every precious moment with them, feel their love wrapped around your soul. You get to share your life with them, cry with them, laugh with them and do everything that you’ve ever wanted to do in life.   

But here’s what most of the people don’t tell you.

You don’t always get to keep this person next to you. Sometimes you meet the one true love of your life, they stay in your life for a while and then they leave. Sometimes, they are not meant to hold your hand. They are not meant to marry you, share their life with you and love you until you grow old together.

And that’s okay.

Some are there to hold you inside their embrace for eternity and some to love you for a few brief moments. Some are there to hold your hand forever and some to teach you more than others could over the course of a lifetime.

Regardless of their role, they are still a part of your life. And for that short period of time, they teach you the hardest lessons of your life. They come into your life, make an impact like no one else before them ever did and they leave. But after they are gone, nothing is the same. You are no longer the same person. Your life is not the same as once was.

You learn about love. But you also learn about letting go. You learn about soulmates and the fact that not every soulmate in our lives is meant to stay with us forever. You learn about tragedies, about disappointments. But you also learn about blessings.

We don’t always end up with the loves of our lives, but that life and that’s okay.

Stephanie Reeds