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Not Everyone You Meet Is Meant To Be A Part Of Your Life


No one wants to be alone. We’ve all seen what happens to people in solitary confinement – they become unstable, fragile, and completely lose their minds. That’s because relationships are so much more than just something to pass the time. They’re integral to who we are as people.

That need to connect with people is normally a good thing, but it can often lead us to grasp onto people who we aren’t really compatible with. That’s a habit that we all need to stop. The truth is that not everyone you meet is meant to be a part of your life.

You Can’t Force Friendship

In high school, there was a girl who I was desperate to be friends with. She was exceedingly cool and always seemed like the life of the party, the kind of person you’d want to be around. So, I’d constantly ask her to hang out or invite her to parties with me and my friends.

No matter how many times I asked her, it was never the right time for her. She was always busy will something else. Still, I kept pushing, hoping to make a connection.

The effort that I put in to try and befriend her was tiring. Sadly, however, at the time I didn’t realize that bonding with people shouldn’t be exhausting.

I didn’t realize that if you need to push someone to be your friend, they will never be your friend.

Not Everyone Has a Role to Play

Just think about it for a second: if you became best of friends with everyone you ever met, how would you possibly have time to see them all?

Similarly, I’m sure you’ve declined many invitations from people reaching out to you too. Perhaps they didn’t seem like your kind of person or you were already far too busy.

The truth is that not everyone you meet will have a leading role in your life. Some people have smaller roles or are simply there to make appearances. However, the people that are meant to stay will stay. The people that put in the effort and actively want to be a part of your life are the people who you are meant to connect with. When it comes to everyone else, we all just need to learn to let go.

In spite of any effort that you may make, you can’t force a relationship. If someone cares enough, they will go that extra mile to be in your life. Otherwise, they were never meant to be a part of it in the first place. So, learn to appreciate the relationships you do have instead of lamenting the ones that you don’t – I know that I’m slowly beginning to learn that too.

Everyone needs to be reminded that not everyone is destined to play a larger role in their lives. Share this with your friends and family to remind them of that.

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Eva Jackson