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Motorcycle Safety: How To Stay Safe On The Road


Motorcycles are loved by many because of the freedom they offer.  There’s nothing like riding solo on the open road with the wind in your hair. However, along with the glorified freedom that a motorcycle provides, also comes serious risks.

You’re a lot smaller than the other cars on the road, and there’s nothing protecting you from another vehicle that you crash into.  Therefore, it’s critical that you know what you’re doing. In order to stay safe, you’ll need to take the appropriate riding precautions.  

Here are some of the most important tips when it comes to motorcycle safety.

Always Wear Proper Gear

Even a small collision on a bike could lead to serious road burn or head injury against the pavement.  You should always wear protective gear when riding not only because it’s the law, but because your life depends on it.

All of your body should be covered by thick, non-synthetic materials, including your feet.  If you ever see someone on a bike riding in a pair of cut-off shorts and flip flops, you can be sure they’re an amateur asking for trouble.

Don’t Speed

You may feel invincible on your bike, which is a big reason why you love it so much; however, it’s crucial that you ride at a reasonable speed.  Going over the speed limit isn’t just putting yourself at risk, but also other drivers.

All it takes is one wrong move from you or another driver, and it could end in serious tragedy.  Follow the speed limits, and follow the flow of traffic.  Even if you think you can zip between a line of fully stooped cars, you never know when one of them can make a sudden maneuver or open their door.  Drive reasonably!

Never Drink And Drive

Even small amounts of alcohol can have serious effects on your judgment. Don’t’ get on your bike after any amount of alcohol. You could find yourself facing DUI charges if you get pulled over, or worse, in a serious accident due to slow reaction time. If ever it comes to that, never hesitate to contact DUI lawyers immediately.

Careful Going Around Curves

One of the most common reasons for motorcycle collisions is hitting an oncoming vehicle on a dangerous curve.

Go slowly around curves since you never know what’s coming around the corner.  This is especially important at night with limited visibility.

Learn How To Drive In All Weather Conditions

Before you start riding, you should know how to drive in all weather conditions.  If you find yourself in slick rain, you should know how to properly maneuver your bike to avoid spinning out and fishtailing.

Getting your license isn’t enough.  You should do your homework and know your stuff before riding around without a care in the world.

David Smith