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5 Safety Tips for Riding a Scooter


One of the main reasons why a scooter is preferred over a regular motorcycle is because of its convenience. Sure, motorcycles can run at top speed and have larger engines, but scooters are easier to maneuver, has less mileage, and since it has less moving parts, it also means that it has less need for maintenance than a bike. Although it is more convenient and more comfortable to use, riding a scooter is just as risky as riding a motorcycle since they are both two-wheeled vehicles. With that said, we will be looking into the different tips when riding a scooter in this article. 

Be aware of the speed.

The first tip is that when you are riding a scooter with a higher cc (cubic capacity), it is not recommended that you ride one on a freeway since speed limits on freeways are much higher and it could potentially be prone to vehicular accidents among faster vehicles. 

Let’s say you’re looking to get a 150cc scooter. These models have attracted more users in recent years, and you have to know how fast a 150cc scooter goes if you plan on getting one. The normal speed for this type of fuel power is around 50-60 mph, but it could still get up to 70 mph even if its top speed says otherwise. 

Size matters.

Pick the right-sized scooter for you. You may be attracted to buy that awesome-looking scooter, but it may not fit or feel right with you. Always do test rides for a model that you want and do background research about that certain model.

Know the traffic laws.

Having knowledge of the different laws of the road is a must. A specialized set of traffic laws applies to not just motorcycles but also to scooters. There are specific rules and hand signals that you have to memorize before hitting the streets.  

Always assume the correct riding position.

How you position yourself while you are mounted on two-wheeled transportation can affect your balance, especially if you are a newbie to riding scooters and motorcycles. It is best to practice your balancing techniques in a safe area so you can figure out how to turn a corner or switch lanes safely.  

Wear protective gear.

Having proper safety equipment is paramount when it comes to riding a scooter. As mentioned earlier, it is not because it is much easier to use than a motorcycle that it is safe. It is better to be safe than sorry. Investing in the right equipment like sturdy helmets, knee pads, and others can go a long way since you are much more exposed to road hazards than when you are riding in a car. 

Final Words

Whether you are using a scooter or a motorcycle for leisure or for commuting purposes, safety cannot be more emphasized. Aside from the tips that were given, always make sure that you have your scooter checked and maintained from time to time, and it is highly advisable that you check your scooter before every ride. Checking its lights and horns, engine oil level, and tire pressure, among others, are things that you can do as your part.

David Smith