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Making full use of Instagram


Instagram is now one of the perfectly integrated realities in the daily life of all of us . A bit like all social media, it was born as a moment of leisure, now it is possible not only to share glimpses of one’s existence, but to use them for other different purposes, such as proposing one’s own business, sharing an idea, looking for work and so on. . Knowing how the system thinks therefore becomes fundamental for the success of your page.

Use other applications

There are a number of free or paid applications on the net which, once downloaded to your device, allow you to select a photo and improve its visibility . First of all, consider whether you are willing to make an expense, even if it is a small one. Secondly, not all apps are present for IOS or android devices. You can use Followers Gallery to get more free Instagram followers.

Search for specific hashtags

With this term we consider not only the hash symbol but the possibility of carrying out a specific search . In your case, if you want the posted image to be more visible, you can search on some hashtags such as selfies. Putting as many likes as possible on other profiles, preferably the most recent , can be a useful way to improve and enhance yours. The idea is that whoever receives your like visits your profile and consequently likes your photos. In this case, the more you will be able to find accounts similar to yours and which therefore deals with common issues with you, the more likely you will be to grow not only in likes, but also in followers.

Set up notifications

If you follow one or more profiles it is useful to know when the person posts some new photos. This way, you will always be up to date and can add comments and likes. Often the faster the response, the greater your chance of being reciprocated for a future post that you choose to publish.

Check that a profile really follows you

If there are many followers, or people who follow you, it is important to know which ones are really interested in you. Just go to the subject’s profile and check if you are among the first to be highlighted. This will make you realize if you really can get more likes from this person every time you post a photo of yourself.

Interact with your followers

Creating stories, replying to comments and then relating through your profile with others, allows you to increase your visibility . Use direct messages to create a real community with the people who follow you. It is the better way about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

Continue to be present

Another element that inevitably leads you to increase the ranking of likes is your assiduity within the social network. In fact, presence is very important, with at least one photo a day which is the minimum.

Post at least one photo and 2-4 stories per day

Don’t overdo the number of files on your profile, as people who follow you may lose interest.

Join support groups

There are within the Instagram groups that arise in order to exchange the “like” and thus increase its visibility. Joining it can allow you to improve your visibility . Later I will explain how to create groups to improve your visibility on Instagram. You can also use Instagram auto liker without login.

Publish on the best days and times

Don’t forget that time and days play an important role in the success of your content. Knowing the habits of your Instagram followers free becomes essential to obtain an optimal response to each publication. I invite you to read more on the subject on the article I have already published: the time and best days to post on Instagram .

David Smith